All you need to know about vabbing: TikTok’s new trend of attracting men

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  • Vabbing is shorthand for vagina and dabbing. It refers to dabbing one’s vaginal fluids on pressure points as if it is perfume.  
  • This practice first went viral in 2019 when sexologist Shan Boodram shared she used her vaginal secretions to attract men. 
  • The effectiveness of vabbing is not yet proven and it is advised to avoid doing it when you have infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

According to relationship coaches and authors, there are several ways in which women can attract men and vice versa. However, a new TikTok trend named vabbing (short for vaginal dabbing) has highlighted an age-old tradition that involves using vaginal juices as a perfume for the purpose of attracting men.

The Daily Mail reports that this ritual has been practised for many centuries and it first went viral in 2019 when U.S. sexologist Shan Boodram admitted to using her vaginal juices to entice men.

“I am certain that every single time I employ it, it makes me feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious secret,” she reportedly said.

In 2022, the strange trend went viral again when a TikToker by the username @jewlieah explained how she uses her “natural scent” and dabs it on her wrists and the back of her ears. Since then, many other women on the platform have shared their views about the practice, resulting in the trend reaching more than 13 million views on the app.

What is vabbing?

According to Healthline, vabbing is a combination of two words - vagina and dabbing - and refers to the act of dabbing one’s vaginal secretions on pressure points as if they are perfume droplets. This is done to make you attractive to the opposite sex since these vaginal secretions contain pheromones – which are chemicals, usually secreted by animals, that trigger a social response in members of the same species. These chemicals are able to affect the behaviour or physiology of others.


Although researchers have not embarked on studies about vabbing, an assistant professor of anthropology from Boston University, Eva Garrett, told Popular Science that determining the effectiveness of the act is complicated.

Her research focuses on the evolution of smell in primates and she explains that while others can be drawn to your natural scent, pheromones are likely not playing into the attraction.

“If someone thinks it’s (vabbing) going to help them find a date or partner, it might just be more of a placebo effect,” she explained.

Eva continued to explain that, unlike animals, human beings do not have well-developed pheromones to attract a mating partner but one’s natural scent could be attractive to others.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, Dr Paraskevi Dimitriadi, a private gynaecologist in London, says that there is little evidence that supports that pheromones in humans work the same way as the pheromones in animals do. Instead, she warns that the practice could be harmful.

“Bacteria on women's fingers can lead pelvic inflammatory disease where the bugs spread from the cervix to organs higher up,” Dr Paraskevi said.

“This can lead to scarring in the fallopian tubes, making it difficult for fertilised eggs to reach the womb. If you use dirty fingers inside your vagina to collect discharge you can not only potentially traumatise the tissue in your vagina but also spread infection, potentially causing something as serious as a pelvic inflammatory disease. Dirty fingers could also cause bacterial vaginosis or thrush,” she added.

How to do it safely

If you still want to go ahead and try vabbing, Healthline suggests you can do it safely by ensuring that your hands are clean first before touching your vagina.

When your hands are clean, you can then insert a finger or two in your vagina and dab the moisture on your pressure points. This could be on your neck, behind your ears, or on your wrists.

Avoid doing this when you have infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

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