4 ways pursuing creative interests can usher in new and unusual acts of self-preservation

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The past months of Covid-19 have meant various levels of lockdown and the closure of many recreational spaces. This has necessitated that we find alternative ways to keep busy and earn a living. Here are some resilient women who’ve used lockdown to their benefit by pursuing new interests.

“I’ve always been an apprehensive person, even with good things. So, a few years ago, when I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder, I can’t say I was surprised,” says Catherine Simamane*, a 39-year-old banking professional.

When the limitations associated with Covid-19 started to sink in, Catherine found herself feeling edgier than usual. “It wasn’t until late last year that I started taking anti-depressants because I wasn’t coping. I was stuck indoors, working long hours, fearful, alone, and it felt like my progress in hobbies such as blogging, Barre exercises and travel had been stopped. I decided to try different activities such as – knitting, gardening, vision-boarding and I haven’t looked back.”

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