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Volley of debate over secret vote in Johannesburg

22 August, 02:54 PM

EFF members were locked in discussions over secret ballots during voting at Johannesburg City Hall on Monday afternoon.

Councillor Musa Novela and deputy president Floyd Shivambu debated the interpretation of the "secret ballot" clause in IEC legislation.

Novela insisted it was members' right to disclose who they voted for, but the city's manager Trevor Fowler said the IEC ruled the ballot was secret.

The debate with ANC councillors and IEC officials grew heated as members shouted over one another, and proceedings were briefly halted.

Later, voting resumed after a ruling to continue the voting in which people did not show their votes.

The IEC stated their position, they then observed the process, said Fowler. He also addressed members of the gallery who jeered, sang and danced during the afternoon's debate.

They are the people who determine whether or not it was free and fair, he added.

Watch above.

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