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WATCH: How you can speak back to local government

20 August, 11:19 AM

The 2016 local government elections have passed and almost all metros (except for Johannesburg) have decided on their mayors.

As the political party's propaganda is pulled down from lamp posts and peeled off walls, as the billboards fade, the processes of local government begin.

Politicians joining councils now cannot make drastic changes right away, as the previous administration's budget has already been passed. The mid-term budget reviews are months away.

In tiime will councils debate their plans for municipalities over the next five years, which will be written into a IDP (or, Integrated Development Plan) in the metros.

All of this may have the average voter asking, "Now what?" If you want guidance on how to hold local government to account, watch this.

Beatie Hofmeyr, an educator who holds workshops with NGOs, MPs and other branches of civil society, describes steps civilians can take to engage their ward councillors, raise issues in local government and keep local officials in check.

Some of those actions include: holding meetings with officials and writing petitions.

Watch for more.

For details of ward councillors in your city, see the relevant websites (here are links for Tshwane, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and Cape Town).

You can read the guide to understanding local government from the Education and Training Unit (ETU) for Democracy and Development here.

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