Your stars at work

Many Aquarius people make it to the top in the workplace. As well as being the boss, they are also friends to those who work beneath them. They believe in treating everyone as equals, but can't stand slowness and lack of initiative.

They expect orders to be carried out without question, but they can forget the important things that need to be done.

Aquarius people are capable of bringing the most Stone Age of businesses into the 21st century. They're brilliant at getting people to work together, though a bit tight-fisted where petty cash and wages are concerned! The more Aquarius people can travel as part of their job, the better.

A tied-down Aquarius, robbed of an outlet for the water-carrier's marvellous sense of humour, is neither a happy nor a productive creature. If you have Aquarian employees, a word of caution: check that they've finished their work!

They'd rather supply the initial idea and impetus, but then let someone else take it through to the end.
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