Would you spend R260 000 to look like Jennifer Lawrence?

I would love to look like a Hollywood star. Hell, I’d love to look like either JLaw or MRod any day, but I don’t think I’d actually have surgery to do so. But if I woke up one morning looking like either of them I wouldn’t necessarily mind. But is getting plastic surgery to look like someone else healthy?

According to Gossip Cop, Kitty and Rosie want to look like their idols so badly that they’re willing to pay the price (and what a price it is!) of plastic surgery. Both these women have been compared to their favourite stars.

Kitty, a 30 year-old dog trainer, wife, and mother says people “on the street and at my workplace” often compare her to our favourite celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence.

Rosie says the same about herself and Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez.

But both women now want extreme makeovers to look even more like their favourite celebrities.

In total, both women’s surgeries add up to $33 000 (nearly R350 000).

Check out this video of their transformation.

In my opinion, these women don’t look that much different than they did before the surgery. And they don’t look that much more like the famous faces they intended to impersonate either.

What do you think?
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