The ultimate safety guide for your girls-only night out

Credit: iStock
Credit: iStock

Ladies night or any other outing with the girls is always a great idea and a perfect way to take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some ‘me’ time with your closest friends.

But for every girl's night there are some unspoken rules – things you do to look out for each other. You never go to the bathroom alone, you never leave your drinks unattended and you always dance together to keep unwanted attention away. Better safe than sorry. 

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Now, there's a new way to keep you and your friends safe while on your evening out. Technology is a great tool that enables you to locate your friends, gives you important notifications that just might help you avoid a dangerous situation or area, and so much more. 
Picture this scenario:
You've decided to go out for the evening and try something new. You find the perfect place: an area that offers plenty of awesome options. The only catch – you aren't familiar with the location and there are some surrounding areas marked as high crime zones.

What do you do? 

Use a reliable smartphone app and tracking device.

Safety is your priority

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A tracking device can pinpoint the exact location of your car on an interactive map via any smartphone or computer. In the event that you are in any kind of danger, the GPS pinpoint positioning makes it possible for not only your friends and family to know exactly where you are, but for emergency medical and roadside assistance to be dispatched to the exact location of your car. If you are involved in an accident, the device is also able to send out a crash alert for immediate assistance. 
Along with an app, ensure that you invest in a car tracking solution that not only ensures you can track and recover your vehicle but one that provides additional personal safety features that you can use for peace of mind.

Here are a few apps that are worth downloading to ensure your safety when hitting the road:

These apps will prevent you from taking a wrong turn, and you can create virtual perimeters around all the no-go areas that you want to avoid. With some apps, notifications will also be sent through to your mobile when you enter or exit certain areas with your car.

Santam App with Be Safe - The Be-Safe functionality allows users to request friends and family to virtually follow them on journeys as a safety precaution. 

mySOS SA - This emergency app offers you access to appropriate emergency assistance when you don’t know who to call, you don’t know where you are, you want to notify your SOS contacts about your emergency and the exact SOS location, and you want the SOS services to navigate directly to our location in an emergency.

Matrix Internet Tracking - This app's alerts include crash alerts, geo-fencing, creating zones around areas of importance and being notified when your vehicle enters or exits those areas, early warning, as well as harsh driving events.

This edited article is by Matrix, a brand of MiX Telematics Africa

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