15 Instagram fridge organisation pics that will have your inner neat freak screaming for joy

A beautifully packed fridge
A beautifully packed fridge

There are few things in life that are inevitable. Death, taxes and the fact that your fridge will always end up in some sort of disaster.

Maybe it’s because you come home exhausted from the shop and just put the things in the fridge all willy nilly, or maybe it’s because you move things around a lot and you don’t really organise them. 

Either way, your fridge never looks like they do in the movies – all neatly packed and full of colour. But what if I told you it can? 

We found these awesome Instagram fridge hacks so you can be inspired to put every little bit of your fridge to good use and maybe you’ll be inspired to make beautiful meals instead of staring aimlessly at all the food in your fridge when you’re a little peckish.  

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Separate with labels

Use plastic containers to divide everything

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This fridge organisation is next level ???? via @hellonutritarian

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You could try organising by colour (whether it be the actual food, or the containers you use)

FRIDGE 39/52 - ?? JUST ANOTHER GREEN FRIDGE ?? Welcome to the final fridge in my “fridge in every colorway” project that I started back in January! Why did I settle on green again? Well, there’s a practical reason and there’s a personal reason. ?PRACTICAL: Because a green fridge is, by-far, the easiest color to prep! I can come up with a ton of green meals and produce right off the top of my head—but purple and pink? Not so much. The orange, yellow, pink and purple fridges were where I really had to stretch my creativity! And while I’m glad I challenged myself to do that, nothing feels better than ending with the with foods and recipes I love. ?PERSONAL: As a recovering food addict green has come to represent my recovery. Eating green foods has done the most to help me repair my habits, nourish my body and heal. Fresh and bright herbs, crisp and crunchy veggies, and the soft sumptuousness of butter lettuce and baby greens have all helped me emerge from the throws of my disordered eating. Green is my new “comfort food” because it helps to calm my anxiety, keeps me satiated, and makes me feel the most vibrant. ??????WHAT’S IN THIS FRIDGE: ?Top Shelf: chopped celery, chopped brussels sprouts, cut honeydew, homemade no-salt guac, a new no-oil pesto sauce recipe I’m working on, kale sprouts, chopped parsley, blanched spinach, chopped broccoli, thawed frozen chopped kale. ?Middle Shelf: Roasted Asparagus & Pea soup (link up in stories now), @wholefoods edamame pods (which are made in the USA—how awesome and hard-to-find is that?), halved Brussels sprouts, noodles in a spicy no-oil herb sauce (another recipe I’m working on), sliced green peppers, fresh parsley. ?Bottom Shelf: apples, fresh cilantro (tucked in the back corner), star fruit, butter lettuce, baby greens, chopped curly kale “ribbons.” ??????Let me know in the comments if you’d like a full “tour” of this fridge to go up, and be sure to enter my giveaway from last post cause who doesn’t love free Mason jars and glass storage containers! xo, Kristen #nutritarian #eattherainbow #fridge #fridgegoals #MakesMeWhole #wfpbno #52fridges

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You could add more drawers for extra space

Keep things in glass

Give each thing a place

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