A guide on how to make spring cleaning as easy as a Sunday morning

I haven’t come across many people who are excited about cleaning, let alone spring cleaning. So focus on the results rather than the task at hand. It is great to start summer with a house that you are proud of. 

Room by room

Don’t try and spring clean your house in one day. Tackle a room or two per weekend. If you finish early, enjoy a well-deserved afternoon relaxing.

Clean from top to bottom

Start at the top of the room, dusting and wiping lampshades, cupboard doors and windows. Then clear all counters and wipe it down.

Sort the clutter that is standing around and throw away what you don’t need or store it away in the right place. Wipe all ornaments and appliances.

Turn mattresses, pack the electric blanket away for summer and lastly, wash the floor or spot clean and vacuum carpets.

If you need to, take loose rugs to be dry-cleaned. 

Organise storage units

Don’t just repack your cupboards, get drawer partitioning or old shoe boxes to keep cupboards tidy for longer. Throw away expired food, medicine and chipped or odd crockery. Buy a new set of glasses or mugs if you don’t have at least six matching ones.

Invest in a set of new and matching towels for your bathroom. You’ll be thankful when you have an impromptu kuier later in summer.  

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The reward system

Try and sell unwanted clothing, furniture, décor items and electronics. Motivate your family to do the same by rewarding them with a family outing funded by their sales.

The to-do list

Make a to-do list of all the small things that you’ve wanted to do for years, such as putting up the new towel hooks in the bathroom, touching up chipped paint and fixing the cupboard handle.

Clean in style

Make cleaning as easy as possible by having a bucket in the cupboard with the necessary sponges, cloths, gloves and soap needed for a quick wipe down.

Make your laundry day a positive experience by recovering your ironing board with a fabric that you love. Buy a laundry basket that is pretty enough to display and fix the washing line. Buy enough washing pegs to last the summer. 

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