Make your home look more spacious with see-through furniture

If you live in a small space, you’ll know how easily it looks cluttered or crammed, no matter how neat you keep it. Large contemporary furniture pieces can easily overwhelm the room, looking like blocks in a box.  

An easy way to give a small space character and a sense of depth and airiness is to opt for see-through furniture. Furniture made of glass, see-through acrylic, steel wire or woven materials all have translucent qualities that make a room feel more spacious.

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Glass interior doors and walls

Glass doors and walls are a great option if you think of renovating a small apartment. Open-plan living is great, but can become quite noisy if you have a few kids around. Glass walls give the airiness of open-plan living, but without the noise. Interior doors of glass also let light in, even if frosted for privacy.

Glass furniture

Glass furniture carries no visual weight and has a calming effect on the eye. It has been used for furniture pieces for many years, especially for the tops of home desks, coffee or side tables. It blends in with any style and allows other items to be the focal point. For safety purposes, it’s best to go for tempered glass.

Acrylic chairs

Acrylic furniture looks like glass and have the same visual benefits, but can be moulded into any shape and is therefore often used for making chairs - whether dining, occasional chairs or barstools. It is also available in smoky and other see-through colours. They are often called ghost chairs.

Woven furniture

Occasional chairs with light steel frames and woven or strung seats are very fashionable at the moment. Seating is either made of PVC string or rope. It is not solid, so it doesn’t obscure the furniture pieces behind it, giving a layered feel to an interior.

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