33 entertaining lockdown date ideas, especially if you’re so lucky to be with your partner

Illustration. Photo by Getty Images
Illustration. Photo by Getty Images

Swear you heard the walls start talking to you yesterday? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get a little creative and explore all the possibilities of connecting and having fun with your loved one. You could also try these ideas out virtually.

Get really silly with it and ditch the pressure to be productive, even just for a bit. As the great philosophers themselves say, no productivity in sight, just vibes.  

Here are 33 ideas fun lockdown date ideas: 

1 - Blanket fort movie nights - Say goodbye to your regular days on the couch and create a blanket fort in your home for an extra special movie day/night. Decorate with fairy lights (if you have them), pillows and really get comfy with it. I promise it’s just as exciting as it was as a child - let’s be honest, it’s more exciting now.

2 - Draw/ paint portraits of one another - Only reveal your artwork to your muse once you’re finished.

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3 - Try a ‘5 Minute Crafts’ DIY - If you’ve ever seen a ‘5 minute Crafts’ video, you’ll know how absolutely bizarre some of them are, yet they seem like so much fun to make. The best part is most of the DIYs involve regular household items so you don’t have to worry about supplies. 

4 - Upcycle old clothing - Pick out an item of clothing you each no longer wear, give it to the other person to upcycle and see who comes up with the best new creation. YouTube has tons of inspiration and you might even sport the new items you conjured up. 

5 - Create a lockdown journal/ Write letters to your future selves or to each other - Imagine, in a couple of years from now, reading about how you coped with the pandemic. Do it for your future grandkids who’ll be absolutely pleading to hear your stories for the 100th time!

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6 - Dig deep - There’s always more to learn about someone else. Games like ‘2 truths, 1 lie’, ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Would You Rather’ is a sure-fire way to get really juicy with it.

7 - Create a new word/ phrase together - Something that’s yours and will always remind you of the time shared, create a word or silly phrase with your loved one - just because.   

8 - Give each other an album to listen to for the day and review by evening - Swap your favourite music album, something that undeniably shaped you or resonates with you on a different level and have the other person listen to it then discuss your thoughts at the end of the day.

9 - Watch a foreign film together - As Parasite director, Bong Joon Ho says, “Once you overcome the one-inch tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films”. There’s a world of amazing cinema waiting to be discovered and now’s a good time to get into it. 

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10 - Give each other makeovers - The other person has no say in what they put you in/ the glam they receive. Those are the rules! Get unnecessarily dressed up if you want to. Take before/ after pictures. Treat the whole thing like it’s a TLC show if you must.

  11 - Blind taste tests - Not only is this a way to bring out your MasterChef Australia, it’s also a trust-building exercise (although, it’s only human to throw some strange concoction in the mix).

12 - Have a picnic - Whether you have a garden area or not, create a little indoor/ outdoor picnic setup and relax as you would if you were on a regular one in a park or forest.

13 - YouTube challenges - Maybe it’s because I’m not a GenZ or anything, but the OG and  really do come from YouTube (sorry, TikTok). Everything from the ‘Try Not To Laugh’ to the ‘Dog Picks My Makeup’ challenge, there’s definitely something to keep you entertained. 

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14 - Share childhood photos and memories - Share your cutest, most embarrassing ones. Talk about firsts, cringeworthy stories, fondest memories, etc. 

15 - Dance/ karaoke - Even if you're not typically one to share your star-quality talents (of course), get moving and lose yourself in one of the most euphoric experiences life has to offer. Hello sweet, sweet serotonin. 

16 - Have an at-home photoshoot - Set up a DIY backdrop using bedsheets, add your desired props and makeshift tripod if you don’t own one, and you’re good to go! 

17 - PG18 poker - Spice things up a little and play a card game where if you lose a round, you lose an article of clothing - because you live in a fraternity house now.

18 - Fix something in your home - Come now, there has to be at least one thing that requires some TLC besides you.

19 - Roleplay -  (No, not that kind. Although you can go for it if you wish!)Pretend to be other people for a day, or even an hour. Really commit to the role. Unless you’re roleplaying Hannibal or something, then please, do not commit to the role. 

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20 - The Great South African cook-off - A little competition never hurt anybody. Have a cook-off and critique each other’s dishes Gordon Ramsay style - or maybe leave Gordon and his not-so endearing language out of it. The loser has to clean up! 

21 - Visit an online museum - Museums from all over the world now allow you to experience their art through virtual tours. Read this W24 story for great online museums to try out. 

22 - ‘Go’ faux camping - Similar to setting up your own picnic, having a camp out (whether indoors or outdoors) beats another regular day in bed. It’s all about the imagination.     

23 - Be each other’s lecturer - Give your partner a lecture they actually agreed to. There has to be at least one thing you know that the other person knows nothing about. Set up a presentation using your PowerPoint skills (or just a whiteboard/ piece of paper) and share them. You’re allowed to confiscate cellphones and punish them for talking in class.  

24 - Share the funniest thing you’ve ever seen and watch it together - What’s one thing that gets you on the verge of peeing yourself from laughter? Time to pull it up and get the giggles going.

25 - Shoot a parody of something - Pick a movie/ series/ music video you both love and create a parody of it. 

26 - Song association game - Basically, you say a word and the other person has 10 seconds to sing a song with that word in the lyrics. Check out an example from ELLE.  

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27 - Have a roast ceremony for each other - Get your Comedy Central on and have a roast ceremony where essentially, you make fun of each other. Just keep in mind you’re stuck with this person for at least another two weeks though.

28 - Prank call friends - If you feel like being 12 years old again, prank call some friends. Do keep it light and fun though, and reveal yourself if they don’t catch on - we’re already going through enough right now. 

29 - Watching movies with the sound off - Put on something you’ve never seen before, turn the sound off and create your own dialogue for the characters.  

30 - Solve a crime together - Try these online mysteries and quizzes and let the sleuthing begin! 

31 - Vlog - Start vlogging your life in lockdown. It could be a sweet way to create memories to look back on or you could simply do it to parody influencers. Unbox your groceries like it’s a PR package.    

32 - Host a Zoom party - Zoom has been quite the popular option for connecting during this time. Pick a theme, insist everyone dresses up and host a Zoom party with family and friends.

33 - Give back - We are incredibly privileged to be able to do some of these activities during this time. Always be mindful of those experiencing the darker side of the pandemic and help wherever you can, big or small. Every bit helps.

Honourable mention: Whatever you do, no matter how bored, DO NOT start a couple’s Instagram page.

Stay safe, folks!

How have you made lockdown fun? Share your ideas with us here.

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