The #Aftersex selfie trend has gone viral. Ew.

Selfies are everywhere. Some are cute and empowering, some are desperate and embarrassing. For me it kind of started with drunken pics and duckfaces appearing all over my timeline. Then Kim K and her butt inspired belfies. Currently the makeup free for cancer trend is everywhere.  Hell, we even took #bookselfies yesterday to show off what we are reading at the moment.

But as usual, with everything, we had to take things too far. And by “we” I mean these crazy people who’ve started post-coital selfie trend.

And this was our reaction when we saw it.

Yes folks, according to the Daily Mail, now all your friends/followers/contacts can see pics of you and your lover just after you had sex. Because the best time to take a picture is when you have that healthy, just shagged glow.

I’m filing that under weird and desperate.

Main images pictures: Found on Instagram here, here, here, and here.

The #aftersex selfies are...
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