A psycho-sexologist answers the question: what gives us a glow the morning after having sex?

Have you ever been told you have a glow or found yourself feeling a little bounce in your step the morning after you've done the deed?

According to sexperts, there is a biological reason to this change in demeanor.

For starters, satisfaction plays an important role in how a woman feels after sex and when the end result is achieved as she anticipated, her mind and body reflect this.

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According to researchers, Paul Okami and Todd Shackelford, in their study titled Human Sex Differences in Sexual Psychology and Behaviour, a region in the brain called the hypothalamus releases oxytocin, a hormone that makes you feel happy during sex. Dopamine, another hormone which is released by the brain, increases one’s confidence and encourages social behaviour.

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Christa Coetzee, a psycho-sexologist agrees, saying, “There are definitely women who tend to present with a happier mood if the sex was fulfilling. They may also feel closer to their partner and this results in a more positive approach to life or their partner.”

Findings associated with the body changing after sex include a process called vasocongestion, where the nipples become more sensitive as a result of arousal and strong emotions.

The breasts become temporarily firmer especially if the woman has had an orgasm during the intercourse, but it is the mood change which often lets others know that you've recently enjoyed some intimacy.

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Christa adds that women are a bit more complex than men. Our emotional satisfaction or dissatisfaction tends to be more visible.

Have you experianced an afterglow following a sexual encounter? Share your experience with us here.

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