Drinks that make you fat

The big sinners:
Because of the high sugar content, cocktails should be avoided if you’re watching your weight.

Long Island Ice Tea is your worst culprit and just one serving contains roughly as much kilojoules as a Big Mac and chips. And don’t try to swap the Coke with Coke Light – it’s mainly the sour mix and the various types of alcohol that hike up the kilojoules. Daquiris and Margaritas and Pina Coladas also rack up the kilojoules.

The low-cal option: 
Try a Bloody Mary. Not only is it surprisingly low-cal, but tomato juice is actually a very healthy drink.

The big sinners:
A fortified wine like Port packs a mean punch. Again all the sugar is to blame. So do dessert wines and sweet white wines.

The low-cal option:
Very dry white and red wine and, of course, brut champagne!

The big sinners:
Most dark beers are very high in sugar and thus kilojoules. And even normal beers have around 150 – 200kj per 100ml. Because you’ll probably have more than one, this can soon add up to frightening amounts.

The low-cal option:
You know what I said about dark beer? Weirdly, this doesn’t count for Guinness that has only 126 Calories. But if you compare that to Castle Light that has only 125kj/100ml it’s still quite a lot.

Remember to drink responsibly. Look after your friends. And never drink and drive.

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