South Africans can't behave

All we were supposed to do was be on our best behaviour for one day. With the global eyes on us, the honourable thing would have been to try to live up to Madiba's legacy.

The booing of Jacob Zuma at Nelson Mandela's memorial on Tuesday sparked a storm on the social media platforms and made headlines. Some say it was totally unacceptable on this important day, others say it was going to happen at some point why not let the world see how disgruntled the ANC supporters are with JZ.

All JZ wanted was 5, yes 5 minutes of camera footage, his expression said it all, however he did manage to pull off his speech. Showing dissatisfaction for Zuma at this global event definitely was not the right time or place.

We are all not impressed with E-Tolls, Nkandla saga, and the issues which plagued us prior to Tata passing on. This was a memorial ceremony to celebrate the life and achievements of South Africa's biggest icon.
Are we as a nation so ill-disciplined that we cannot for a week behave in a manner befitting the man who lies in state? Can we put aside our anger and frustrations until after he is laid to rest?

SA strike 1
At least we are not the only country with a storm. Twitter was ignited when President Obama gave an apretón de manos to Cuba's Raul Castro during the memorial service.

His fate was sealed at this moment. Every news network around the globe highlighted this moment. If this made headlines, it must have been a really slow day in the news world.

Wasn’t Obama at the funeral, of the man who’s legacy was forgiveness and reconciliation. Mandela, forgave and embraced his foes and tormentors. With that in mind was he supposed to have snubbed the Cuban President?

US Strike 1
Obama was in hot water again with the selfie which went viral minutes after it was taken.
The three leaders posing for the ‘selfie’ staked its claim to become the most famous - if controversial – one taken so far.

Polls are split over this one. Was this behaviour inappropriate or not?
For me it was just a lighthearted moment between three sitting heads of state. So what they were catching up and capturing a moment. Which we all do. I think he’s in more hot water with his wife than anyone else. Her expression said it all.

If people were given a chance to photograph Madiba at the Union Buildings, they would, would that be appropriate or not.

USA Strike 2
What about our sign language interpreter. His "non-sensical" gestures were broadcast to the world. How did this guy pass all the accreditations? He stood metres from the world leaders, only to be found out to be a fake.  In the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness, we forgive you. It’s not your fault that you were not verified and cross referenced prior to standing metres from heads of state.

SA Strike 2
In Washington, White House spokesman John Earnest downplayed security concerns related to the breach, saying: “It’s a shame that...a service that was dedicated to honouring the life and celebrating the legacy of one of the great leaders of the 20th century has gotten distracted by this and a couple of other issues that are far less important than the legacy of Nelson Mandela”

Truly such a shame for us as South Africans, the pathway with the best intentions, of staging a respectful event, turned into one filled with controversy which will go down in history.

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