What type of person are you?

The longer I live on this planet, the more I learn about people.

Is it just me, or do you also have that voice which doesn’t stop when you meet different people? Has that voice scared you at times when one’s mouth wants to repeat out loud what the voice in your head is saying?

It’s like a running commentary. People are such fascinations, our different personality types, character traits, our entire make-up. We have to learn to deal with tricky people, angry people, indifferent to content people.

While some may be a delight to be with, there are some you wish you never meet again in your life.

How do you deal with different people? You meet someone who has an ugly personality, how do you avoid offending or insulting them? You have those who are just plain painful.

The happy ones, who have a round the clock supply of happy pills. Then we get those who will are just toxic.

Most times, the people we come into contact with have an impact on us either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. I don’t want to go through life unhappy; I need to have mechanisms in place to deal with people to ensure I am happy

“Happy People”
Happy Pills got the recipe from these people, they just genuinely happy with the world and their lives. They see the rainbow before the storm even plans its approach.

They go through challenges and suffering like all of us, but with a huge smile, every cloud for them has a silver lining. They are satisfied, content and at peace. Every step they take, they leave a trail of flowers and blossoms. We look at them and wonder, what are you on? Please give us some.

Some people dislike them because it’s impossible to be this happy all the time, to be switched on a positivity drip, but they are.

It’s hard enough in this world surviving and facing challenges, the last thing we want to be is resentful of other peoples’ happiness. Keep your monster under control.

Let these happy people be, we need them. We should try and be around these people more, it might just rub off on us. Their sparkly dust might grace our shoulders. Remember happy pills got the recipe from this source so plug into the source or you die lonely on an island called “miserable” and people will forget you ever existed.

We have all been unhappy about something or another. Sometimes things just don’t work out no matter how hard you try. You sit there, slumped on your couch, screaming “why me”.

People die on us, marriages end, children withdraw from us, or you lose your income in one swift blow. I think the level of unhappiness and pain I’ve had in the past decade (versus prior decades) has taught me compassion towards others in a similar boat.

This type is crazy normal. We live on the rollercoaster of life. Sometime we are the bird and sometimes we are the ones the bird poops on.

I have learned to be more compassionate, I help those who I can but I also don’t drain myself out. I have learned to share even though I may have a little; I have given a word of advice or just simply a shoulder to lean on. We not dizzy happy, nor are we on the edge ready to jump unhappy. Just in-between. We just go with the flow.

“Me First”
These protect themselves first. They are compassionate yet keep their boundaries. Their sole purpose is their own peace of mind; they are focused and know what they need to do in order to survive. Most people think they are self-centered. There is definitely a difference between Self Centered and Me First.

There is a reason why the flight attendant warns travellers, “put your oxygen mask on first and then take care of your child”. The point is that if you start to lose the ability to breathe, you will not be able to manage the care and handling of your child and you may both suffer. This is the "me first" type.

This type believes they should take care of themselves first, so that they can take care of others. You will not be able to care for others. It takes a special type to make this work without becoming egotistical.

We have a human obligation to develop our own being the best we can, so we can help the greater whole become better.  Unfortunately the line between this type and self-centeredness is very close, that people do end up on the other side.

They start off with the need for greater good, and some times, self-centeredness takes over and they end up causing pain.
If you are a “Me First” always revisits your intentions that should set you straight and pull you away from the self-centered line.

Complainers are people who have the ability to find fault with everything in their life as well as in people around them. With a low level of self-esteem and confidence, their constant ranting and raving about their disappointments and discouragement can get to anybody.

Arguing with such people will not get you anywhere. Try to act normal, and show them how optimistic you are about life. It should hopefully rub off on them!

“Nasty People”
No matter what you do, for no reason at all, they just plain nasty. They will say and do things to you; that will leave you standing there wondering “what did I ever do to you?” 

They are resentful of everyone. You can’t fake resentment; you can see it from a mile. You can’t put on a mask over this type. There is always that one person in our family, former friends, relatives, a neighbour, or a work colleague who fits this description.

We end up detesting them. They knock on the door of your brain at three in the morning, yelling at you and you yell back. It’s like a squash game.

Nasty people are aggressive and are like bullies; they want everyone to agree with them even when they're wrong. The more you fight with them, the more they'll try to throw you off balance.

They bring out the dark side of you, because they have the ability to slit the thoughts out of your mind. They don’t care about the right thing, morally or socially. They swoop down on your life and make you feel so tiny, and they think it’s just normal behaviour.

You really want to resort to some form of martial art when you see or hear this person. However with this type, the only way to deal with them is to STOP!

I normally see horrible comments on my blog etc. Recently there was a guy who was posted a horrible, nasty comment on my blog. I won’t repeat it. Racist, mean, rude to me, I deleted the post, blocked the user, and blocked his IP address. I wanted to send a response to him telling him what I thought of him.

I was very angry. Then I stopped myself. You have to stop yourself. Completely ignore them. Don’t think about them. Don’t talk to them.

Whatever your type?
Whether you belong to the secret society of happiness or you the type who smiles at random people on the street, or you don't know how to navigate a four-way stop, or the type who pretends to already know the end of the story before the storyteller completes or you miss the point every time.

We need different types to help us navigate through life. There has to be some value in the different types we meet; by getting to know what we are like, we can get an idea as to what kind of life we need to be living in order to feel fulfilled; being a square peg whilst frantically trying to squeeze into a small round hole is no fun.

We learn tolerance by understanding that not everyone is like us, whether we want to be around them or not. 

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