Start the year off on skincare, fitness and career inspo from Takkies Dinwiddy

Takkies Dinwiddy. Collage by W24. Photos Supplied.
Takkies Dinwiddy. Collage by W24. Photos Supplied.

 New Year’s resolutions have gained a bad rep but more people seem to be setting intentions and goals for the year ahead.

So you could be planning out your travel days for the year because you’d like to travel more or gearing up for registration because you want to study further. Perhaps you’ve stocked up on skincare products or drafted an eating and workout plan to kick-start your year – the trick is being able to execute your plans successfully. 

It will be a busy year if you’ll be sticking to your goals. So how does one maintain a well-rounded life with a busy schedule? 

Who better than dance guru and fitness expert, Takkies Dinwiddy to offer some inspiration on how to balance a gratifying fitness lifestyle, healthy skin and hair, as well as a booming career? 

Takkies has come a long way since her dancer days on So You Think You Can Dance. She is now a successful entrepreneur and fitness role model, in addition to her growing family.

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We had a chat with Takkies about how she maintains this balance.

Beauty and skincare

What are your secrets to good skin and what does your skincare routine include?

Firstly, I believe what you put into your body shows on the outside so healthy eating and exercising are huge for me. Secondly, I make sure I moisturise and protect all areas of my skin from head to toe. Starting with my face, I use the pHformula Mela recovery range and to finish it off, I seal my face with sunscreen (pH formula cc cream dark plus).

Another secret of mine is monthly trips to Dr P Aesthetic Centre, I leave there feeling so confident in my skin after my treatments. Being as active as I am, it’s really important for me to take care of my underarms, so I use Shield Even Tone which gives me all the protection I need it to last me the entire day. Lastly, loads of water, I drink at least 2 litres a day.

What are your hair care essentials and how do you keep your hair at its healthiest in between gym, travels and being an all-round busy mom?

My hair care essentials are water, conditioner and an oil for my hairline. I’ve got natural hair so to keep it healthy I spray it with water every day and I do monthly treatments to keep it at its best.

If I don’t have my hair out it’s usually done up in a protective style like cornrows so that I can switch up my look with different styled wigs. It saves so much time to pop a wig on or off especially for gym, I just wake up and go with my protective style. Regular washes are a must but not with shampoo, it dries out my hair so I stick to conditioner. 


Takkies Dinwiddy
Takkies Dinwiddy. Photo Supplied.

What tips do you have for maintaining a consistent fitness and healthy life?

My first tip would be for you to choose a workout style you enjoy and if possible find a few you can alternate between through the week. Fun workouts always have you coming back for more and that way you can stay consistent and reach your fitness goals.

Healthy eating is similar, there is a huge variety of healthy food that you can eat and actually enjoy depending on how you make it. The easiest way to stay healthy is to eat clean, anything natural or from the ground and drink lots of water. Turn fitness and healthy eating into a lifestyle.

What do you have in your gym bag and do you keep your gym bag clean and germ-free?

My gym bag has a towel, hand sanitizer, lip balm, body spray, 2 litre bottle of water, extra gym clothes, fruit/nuts and hand cream. I wash my gym bags weekly because there are so many germs at the gym.

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How do you approach exercise and fitness when travelling or on holiday?

I try to find a hotel that has a gym or I make time to do workouts in the hotel room or I find space outside, depending on where I am. I give myself at least 30 minutes to get some kind of workout in because it makes me feel so good.

I make sure I travel with a skipping rope just in case there’s no gym area but there’s so much you can do without equipment. I also enjoy doing activities that are physical so I can get that extra boost of energy. 

What are the important things to consider when looking for a fitness trainer and how do you know you’ve found a good one?

Firstly, get your trainer to show you their fitness certificate. Secondly, set goals and see if the trainer you find is the right fit and can assist you.

Get success stories from the trainer so you can see if the results you hoping for are possible. Know your price limits, make sure you choose one you can afford so you can enjoy your sessions and not stress. Location is important, try to find a trainer close to you so you save yourself some time. 

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What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt while running RockingnHeels? How do you manage to balance that and being a fitness influencer?

I’ve learned that consistency is key to a successful business. I’ve also learned that behind a smile many women have something they are struggling with.

With regards to balance; it’s all part of the same story, it’s about encouraging people to be fit and healthy and to focus on the mind as well as the body. Love your beautiful body is my slogan and I hope that I can inspire more women to do so. 

How do you ensure fitness and general wellness in your daily life? Share your techniques with us here.

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