The internet claims 'water-bottling' is as effective as Botox. The internet lies.

From using dental floss and mouthwash to remove whiteheads to teens suctioning their lips to achieve a fuller 'Kylie Jenner pout' and even permanent dimples created through dimpleplasty, the internet is never short of new, yet strange beauty 'fixes'.

Refinery29 was as curious as we are about the latest beauty hack called 'water-bottling'.  They shared this Instagram video (below) of beauty blogger @mercedesbenssz giving a quick demo:

It looks a wee bit painful, don't you think?

This skin-firming trend popularised by Instagram's beauty elite entails squeezing empty water bottles and moving them in a circular upward motion on your cheeks to tone and firm the skin.

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And if you've ever suctioned anything against your skin, you'll know that the results are almost always short-lived.

It's like getting a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month - you feel it for a few seconds (or minutes if the punch is hard enough), but you're still going to ask someone what the date is tomorrow.

So at this point no one is really sure how useful this home remedy is, because, as Refinery29 notes, increased blood circulation does indeed help with collagen production, but water bottles are (by far) not the ideal fix for sagging skin.

Also, pulling on your skin is actually never a good idea - it does more harm than good.

Guess we'll just stick to drinking our water then...

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