4 epic marriage proposal fails

Wedding proposals, when done right, can be creatively done and remembered forever. Remember this fabulous proposal African safari proposal we saw last year?

However, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry and what was meant to be a romantic dream can become one of the most embarrassing moments of your life (even if the result does end up being one that was hoped for).

The following proposals are examples of these.

The public proposal fail

Public proposals are a tricky beast to master, and it’s one that’s best done when you’re absolutely sure that your partner will say yes. 

Unfortunately, the guy in this video couldn’t even whip out the ring before his camera-shy girlfriend (presumably now ex) ran off the basketball court where a live game was in progress.

Ouch! Poor guy!

2. Faking your death will get you everywhere

Frankly, if someone did this to me, I’d kick him to the curb. This video is easy to get the gist of even though it’s not in English.

A man decides to get the ambulance involved, dresses up in bloody clothes and fakes his death, before proposing to his devastated girlfriend.

Watch for yourself to see how it ends.

3. You have the right to accept my offer of marriage

There’s nothing like getting the police involved in a marriage proposal. This guy apparently thought it would be fun to get the police to arrest his girlfriend on the basis of having $2000 (approximately R21 506) worth of unpaid traffic fines.  

Of course, the police officer is willing to let her go if she agrees to marry her boyfriend.  

See how the drama unfolds below.

4. You’re my darling, you’re my sweetie pie

Frankly, I’m not sure if this proposal is fake or not, but either way, it has got to be one of the most cringe-worthy and embarrassing proposal fails I’ve seen to date. My toes are still curling at the awkwardness of it all.

There’s so many things that are wrong here that I hardly know where to begin. I do have some advice for the guy in the video though. If you’re going to ask someone to marry you make sure of the following:

- Don’t propose at a mall
- Make sure you know the person you’re proposing to for more than 3 months
- Learn to read body language, and
- Wear a helmet

Check out how the action unfolds here.

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