#MondayMotivation - 5 colours to give your wardrobe life

I’m a monochrome addict. I know I am guilty and slowly recovering from a fixation with black, and I also know I am not alone.  

It’s interesting that most of us gravitate towards darker colours when the weather starts getting cooler. Most of us don’t appreciate the effects that colours have on us - both how others perceive us and even to some extent on our moods.

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Due to social and cultural programming most people have strong associations to colour. People generally wear black to funerals as the dark colour has been associated with grief for generations while lighter colours are worn to weddings. 

Unless you're in China, of course, where white is worn at funerals and never at weddings.

Others are simply resistant to wearing certain colours for fear of being viewed as spotlight-seekers.

However, with an open mind and spirit of adventure one can learn to love and embrace all colour, because all colour deserves to be celebrated!

The Pantone chart displays an array of colours for Autumn/Winter 2016/7 ranging from rich earth tones such as olive green and amber to electric cobalt blue and tenacious pops of pink - all guaranteed to make your wardrobe the happiest place.

1. Metallic

From brogues to bags, bombers and everything in between, metallic hues will leave you looking on point. Be sure to limit them though as you don't want to look literally lit.

2. Khaki/Olive green

One of the easiest colours to wear and incorporate into your existing wardrobe, khaki trench coats are perhaps our favourite. 

3. Pink

Bubblegum pink is taking over the world and has even been adopted by Chanel and Gucci - showing its playful and chic nature. 

4. Pantone’s Lemon Curry

Otherwise referred to as spicy mustard this hue is a knockout hue to add to your basic monochrome winter staples. 

5. Pantone's Autumn Maple

So rich, sexy and comforting that you'll be turning heads wherever you go. 

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