4 things that prove you have a good work life

Choosing the right career path is like playing Roulette: you make a bet based on a gut feeling and go with it. Sometimes it pans out, filling your heart (and wallet) with joy, while other times your chosen career path can make you lose your will to live. Is your unhappiness at work short lived? Or is it time to take the plunge into a new direction again?

Are you being questioned?

Who is talking to you? If your colleagues are constantly coming to you with questions, don’t see it as a hindrance, but rather as a sign that your knowledge and expertise are respected.

Do others care about what you can contribute?

Setting up meetings is empowering, it makes you feel like you are contributing to the team and company, plus it’s just badass to stand in front of people and tell them what to do. If you are asked to host a meeting, you know you are good at your job. When you’re asked to join another meeting, it shows that your opinion matters and that you are valued.

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Getting extra work?

When you’re given a task, you most likely know exactly what’s expected of you. Although it may sound like more work when you are given extra assignments on top of the work you are doing already it usually means your employer trusts your capabilities and is confident in your time management skills. But don't let yourself be abused. It's okay to say your workload is too heavy.

Do you care about learning new things?

Do you wake-up excited to go to work, because you look forward to new challenges the day might bring? Sure, this won’t apply every single day, but if you are happy most days, it’s a great sign. If you are learning and doing new and interesting work, and constantly improving yourself, you have a recipe for a happy work life. When you stop learning and growing, your work becomes mere routine.

All checks? Yay! You have a good work life. If you could only check off one or less, maybe it's time to look into a new career path here.

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