Should paid menstrual leave be a thing?

Yolande: Typical of South Africans, looking for excuses. Having a period is a normal part of life. No need for  
drama. Unless of course you have a medical condition or something.

Melanie-ann: No! That's crazy. An entire department of women could be off at the same time then.

It's a well known biological fact that a group of women menstruate together. It harks back to pre-historic times to ensure fertility of the species.

Clarissa: In Zambia we do get a paid 'mothers day' in a month, for that. And if you're heavy or it’s unbearable.

It really really helps to recover at home on that day. It's not a crutch to take the day. Our bodies all work at different intensities.

Anda: Um, so everyone can know what's happening with your biological calender? I don't think so!

Not to sound tacky, but one can then just as well propose men stay off work each time they have a wet dream.

Now that would just be silly. Some things are best dealt with in private and with respect to one another's privacy.

If ladies get sick at the time, there is already such a thing as sick leave to take when things get rough.

Angelica: Many people are already unproductive and take time off unnecessarily it will just give them another excuse to be absent from work. And one wouldn't need a doctor’s note either.

Some woman will milk that privilege for all that its worth.

Kim: After the cocktail of painkillers I’ve just ingested, I say YES!

Samantha: Oh my word, how do we ever expect to be treated as equals? This is pretty much the same thing as saying, men are better equipped for the working world than we are. Seriously.

Hanlie: It is not an illness. Get medical advice and get over it!!

Valchris: Some women suffer terribly. Yes definitely, they should get leave.

Tania: No

Vutomi: Yes yes yes and yes, totally. That time of the month really shows some of us flames and it affects work. What's the point of being at work when you're unproductive.

Isolde: Yeah, come on ladies! Women have endured it for generations. Are woman of this generation growing soft? My gran will turn around in her grave!

Samantha: To all the girls that said yes: Imagine you worked your arse off so that you could start your own business. Now you're faced with this law that says women get leave when they're on their period. Will you hire any women? Hell no! Why would you hire someone that you're going to have to pay when they're not working for the business that YOU have invested your life savings into, when a man will cost you less, and be present to do his job. This is suicide!

Michelle: Definitely, our co-workers would be safer

Charmaine: Not a bad idea. Add it to sick leave option. I have had to take sick leave due to extreme pain.

Starrene: No not leave we should get paid extra!

Bronwen: No, we are 50 females working together and about 90% of us are on our period at the same time. It would be pointless and nothing would get done at all.

Frans: Definitely!

Jen: Absolutely!

Annemarie: For all the hell we go through - yes!

*And then ofcourse there  is always a radical:

Jacob: You people deserve the pain.

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