Hilarious Twitter parody account pokes fun at very real sexism in the workplace

In need of a really funny account to follow on Twitter? Then @manwhohasitall is just the thing you need.

According to The Poke, it takes the sexist remarks usually made about successful women in the workplace (often, unfortunately, found in women’s magazines) and flips it around to make it about men. It is just genius.

Not only is it a good laugh, but it truly highlights the sexism and double standards so pervasive in our society.

The super funny account was created by the brilliant mind behind the Super Busy Dad Tumblr, a blog that also turns things on its head and debates whether men can have a successful career AND manage the children and all the housework. It also offers great tips to up your body confidence and says that staying hydrated is basically the solution to all your problems. Check it out, especially if you're a working mom who actually hears this kind of thing all the time.

Here are a few gems from this account:

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