Will you have enough money when you retire?

In 2012, Visa conducted a study involving 2000 women in South Africa, who hold some financial decision-making within their household, unearthing interesting findings on their relationship to money.

One of the most prominent statistics was that less than a third of SA women consult a financial adviser, and less than 2% were invested in direct equities. Women tend to live longer than men, which mean that their money has to last that much longer. 

René Grobler has been working in the wealth creation and investments industry for seven  years and specialises in cash solutions for individuals and businesses. Here are Grobler’s five tips for keeping yourself financially fit:

1. Consider short, medium and long-term goals

Perhaps you are planning a holiday, or wish to sharpen your skills - these objectives require planning and budgeting; create a clear picture of how you would like to use your money and then you can take action.

2. Budget, budget, budget

Start by writing down everything you spend for a month, right down to the smallest detail, and at the same time, make a list of all sources of income. The goal is, of course, to make sure that these two are balanced and to cut down expenses where you can.

3. Reward yourself

It’s a good start to promise yourself that you will deposit whatever is left at the end of the month into your savings account or investment plans, but the reality is that there may not be anything left at all. Pay towards your financial independence first – it will ensure you get into the habit of saving.

4. Seek professional advice

Obtain investment advice from a reliable person with professional training. This person understands how to choose products that suit your lifestyle. Your financial adviser will also be able to help you select appropriate investment and insurance products (such as life, medical and disability cover) to suit your lifestyle, which you can re-look at annually, as needs change over time.

5. Be sure to review your finances every year

It’s also important to see whether you are on track with your financial objectives. The options available to you every year also change as well as the economy so it is best to ensure that you are still in a product that is ensuring you receive the best returns.

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