4 common myths people believe about astrology


Astrology has always been a bit of a contentious topic. Some read it for the sheer fun of it, many swear by it, while the sceptics scoff and dismiss it. But whether you believe in astrology or not, there are some rather interesting aspects to it.

I was chatting to our resident astrologer, Anya Kotzuba, and asked her about the unrealistic expectations and myths that people often seem to have about the subject.

She revealed that “the biggest problem is that people tend to try and box information and expect everything to fit neatly which is not the case and one cannot read a personality just from a sun sign.”

With that in mind, here’s a list of myths that people believe about astrology.

1. It’s not based on a belief in some weird religion

Contrary to popular belief, astrology does not come from a historical period of time where people worshipped the moon and the sun. Rather, it’s a practice that is based on using the movements of the stars and planets as a guideline to help you navigate your daily life.

Can you rely on it to give you all the answers you’re looking for in life? Probably not, but most astrologers never promise to provide you with a guaranteed forecast, which brings me to my next point.

2.  Getting a reading done or reading a forecast does not mean you no longer have options.

In an interview in which I asked our astrologer about what she says to sceptics who scoff at her profession, her response was that astrology is simply “a valuable tool that can help you to be more open to understanding your own personality and individual journey.”

In other words, whatever you glean from your reading or daily horoscope is simply a guideline – not a path that you are obligated to choose simply because you paid for a consultation with an astrologer.

As The Silver Lining (and a few other astrologers whose websites I’ve visited) points out, astrology readings could be compared to giving you a roadmap. How you choose to travel and which direction you opt to take in order to get to your destination is completely up to you.

3. Astrology is not just about reading horoscopes

Based on all the forecasts you see in newspapers, magazines and websites, it would be easy to assume that star sign predictions are the sum of astrology practices. Not so.

Besides birth chart readings and compatibility profiles, there are different branches of esoteric practices that fall within this spectrum. Horoscope.com states that presently there are over 80 branches of astrology currently being practiced.

From Mayan and Chinese astrological practices, to Indian and Mayan astrology, the fields that you can explore are vast and numerous. Each of these branches have their own sub-categories.

For example: in Mayan astrology, a tzolkin (Mayan calendar) is used to determine or predict when events will occur and can be used to identify your personality type. Signs are also very different in comparison to the ones you see in Western astrology.

To summarise, it certainly seems to be a complex field of study that is said to be able to provide you with different kinds of information – it really all depends on what kind of answers you’re looking for.

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4. Astrology is not fortune-telling

How many times have you come across an image that shows a woman with a crystal ball and immediately assumed that it has something to do with an astrological forecast?

I’m inclined to blame pop culture for perpetuating this idea – because it’s something I’ve always been guilty of thinking too.

But, as we’ve pointed out before, astrology is based on using the positions and movements of planets to provide people with navigational life advice, while according to freefortunetelling.net, fortune tellers rely on palm reading, tarot cards and crystallomancy (here’s where the crystal ball comes in), to actively try and predict what might happen to you in the future through looking at external and often supernatural forces.

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According to science, there is zero evidence of either practices being at all helpful in predicting the future or understanding your life, but for the sake of clarity, you should distinguish between the two.

Whatever your feelings on the subject, one can’t deny that there’s something that’s weirdly fascinating about a topic that has so many branches of study, and that causes a stir amongst believers and sceptics alike.

Disclaimer: Please note that while W24 does not endorse astrology, we encourage free thought and open debate about all subjects, including, but not limited to fields of astrology.

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