Five useful plants to add to your garden or window sill

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Lilies make for a gorgeous display and arum lilies are a popular choice as an ornamental plant in South African gardens. Purchase the pretty arum lily zantedeschia goldilocks flower bulbs for R90.00 from Seeds for Africa and plant them in mid to late summer. 

Advantage: They do not require daily watering – keep the bulbs moist by watering them only twice a week. Their bulbs have been used for medicinal purposes for many years including healing wounds and swelling, and if you're suffering from restlessness or insomnia, keep a few lilies in your room as it will purify the air and give off a calming effect.

Fun fact: The flower has been associated with innocence and purity, and dates back to the Egyptian empire. As a result, they have graced many bridal bouquets. 

Native to America, these decorative plants are easy to grow and attract a host of garden insects like bees to the garden resulting in pollination and multiple blooms.

Advantage: Sunflower seeds are a great health booster. They are highly nutritious and contain fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, and are known to lower cholesterol levels, are high in fibre, have been said to have anti-ageing properties and stimulates hair growth.

Fun fact: The benefits of sunflower seeds are well-known, but many people don’t know that almost the complete plant is edible. Garden and Home suggests adding the sprouts and stalks to salads. The seeds can also be used to make sunflower seed milk, which is a great option for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant. Learn how to make it here, or view this quick tutorial: 

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