16 things that all dog owners can relate to

Dogs will give you unconditional love and the cuddles that only a man’s best friend can provide. The bond between a dog and owner is indescribable; it’s not just love, as it’s the kind of affection that doesn’t need to be said in so many words.

Only a dog owner will understand the sacrifices you make for your dog, whether its buying dog treats, toys and even jerseys, although your dog doesn’t need it, you’ll do anything for them. Your dog instantly becomes part of your family and your house feels empty and quiet without them.

If you have a four-legged family member, here are a few things we know all too well about our furry best friends:

1.    No sleep
Apart from being warm and fuzzy, they may have the tendency to keep you up at night and this can be annoying, especially if they sleep inside. Only a dog owner knows about having to hear howling and barking in the middle of the night, and not to mention the getting out of bed to take them outside routine.

2.    You kiss your dog frequently
It’s not a big deal, not to us anyway. There’s no shame in letting your dog know that you love them by planting a smooch. According to the Independent, the University of Arizona believes that kissing your dog could improve your health and that may explain why dog owners are so happy. So pucker up.

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3.    Odd playtime hours
All they do is sleep, eat, bark… and have weird playtime hours. A dog owner has experienced this one time or another, where your dog/s decides to play and run at 10 or 11 ‘o clock in the evening.

4.    They are the perfect vacuums
Messed a chip? Oh, don’t worry, the dog will eat it. It becomes the norm that when you mess, you call your dog and just point to the mess and he/she swoops in and eats it.

5.    Having to share your food
How can you say no to those puppy dog eyes looking at you… and your sandwich? You will and can never eat alone once you own a dog, unless you train them properly and if you have – lucky bugger. And when you’re at a restaurant or friends place and ask to put some of the leftover bones in a doggy bag. Yes, we’ve all done that, because seeing their faces when you bring home rib bones is like being in the audience when Oprah does her 'Favourite Things' show.

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6.    Your bed is their bed
If you have house dogs and you happen to let them sleep in your bed, then you’ll understand that sometimes sleeping with your dog isn’t always as comfortable as it may seem. Sometimes your dog will lie on top of the blankets, making it impossible to move past them and pull the blankets over you because of their weight. You’ll also occasionally find yourself waking up with their butt or paw in your face. A very good morning to you too.

7.    Their hair is EVERYWHERE
It’s on your clothes, your furniture, floors and even sometimes your food. You’ll find yourself taking forever to get those white, brown, or black hair follicles off of you.

8.    Leaving home
There’s nothing worse than leaving home and more importantly, them knowing it too. Leaving home gets harder to do every time, especially when they beg you to take them with you.

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9.    Coming home
You’ve had a long day at work and nothing has gone your way, all you want to do is come home and relax. However, once you open that front door, your four-legged family members greet you with wagging tails and excitement. It’s literally the best feeling coming home and seeing their happy ‘I missed you’ faces.

10.    You cannot watch a movie where a dog is treated cruelly or dies
Watching a movie becomes an emotional rollercoaster, especially when it has animals in it. When any animal, especially a dog dies or gets hurt, you immediately start to tear up and shout at the movie, proclaiming that you hate it and will never ever watch it again. Then you suddenly roam around your house, calling your dogs and smother them with love.

11.    When they tilt their heads
Nothing hits your heart strings more when your dog tilts its head. It’s the cutest thing ever and you immediately say ‘awww’ and attack them with kisses.

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12.    Leaving early, because you don’t want to leave them alone for too long
It’s the perfect excuse if you don’t want to be in anyone’s company, but it’s also valid. You hate leaving your dog at home alone, especially if you’ve been out all day, and when you want to avoid seeing poop in your home.

13.    Stalking to the maximum
They follow you wherever you go and it’s cute, but it can be annoying sometimes. Crying or scratching at any closed door, or even following you to the bathroom makes an eventful encounter.

14.    When you become their pillow
Having your dogs lay on you is the cutest and sweetest thing ever, especially if they put their head on your neck, chest or belly. However, when they’re fast asleep, you suddenly need to go to the bathroom and have to hold it, because you don’t want to disrupt them sleeping.

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15.    Your phone is bombarded with pictures
Look at any dog lover’s phone and it’s filled with pictures of their furry friends. Some dog owners even go as far as to make personal Instagram accounts for their dog with selfies and all. It’s all about capturing the good and cute times with your best friend.

16.    They will never judge you
Your dogs love you no matter how you look, no matter what you wear (fully clothed or not) and no matter what you do. They’ll give you unconditional love and will always be by your side, even though they can’t understand everything you tell them or do, they will do anything to make you happy.

And never forget they wuv you too.

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