ICYMI: How compatible are newlyweds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra according to the stars?

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra at the 2018 US Open
Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra at the 2018 US Open

In a lavish wedding, that's said to take place over three days with both a Hindu and Christian wedding, the two loves have exchanged vows.

Recently we looked at Meghan and Harry to look at how compatible they are - here are their results.

When it comes to Nick and Priyanka, romance is at the heart of their relationship.

Money may also play an important role.

Intensity is the key word as passion and power dance strongly in this union. 

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Priyanka is likely to be the more assertive partner – but her erratic rhythm may frustrate Nick as her creative, chaotic and fluctuating energy can interfere with Nicks fanatical desire for order. 

Nick does not like sudden or unpredictable changes. His Taurus Moon thrives on a consistent and practical rhythm.

At first the passion and the romance will boost the fire of love, but as the relationship leaves the initial phase, the underlying differences will surface and they will need to work positively and consciously to keep this relationship alive. 

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Saturn (structure and hard working energy) plays a strong role and this can add a stable and committed focus pushing them to do the hard work to overcome the obstacles that can get in the way.

Unfortunately Neptune aspects (misty energy) can dissolve some of the structures making it challenging to maintain a long term goal. They will both need to really focus on the little day to day patterns that tend to get in the way to help avoid complications that can sabotage this bond. 

Nick can be sunny, humorous and playful. He loves to indulge and to please, but deep down his Virgo nature needs order, precision and a practical grounded rhythm to perform at his best.

Too much chaos can stress him out. He has the serious and slightly challenging energy of Saturn in his relationship area of his chart which can signify an older partner.

It can also emphasise the need for structure and security from his partner. 

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Priyanka on the other hand has the erratic and free-spirited energy of Uranus in her relationship area of her chart, so these contrasting energies and needs may surface later and create some complications as the dance between the need for security and the need for freedom can get entangled. 

They have very different value systems and needs and there can be communication clashes if they just assume the other knows what they need. 

Communication needs to be clear, above board and honest to keep them on the same page. Confusion and misunderstandings can happen easily as Priyanka`s oversensitive Cancerian nature tends to take things too personally creating mountains out of molehills, while Nick`s analytical Virgo nature has a tendency to discriminate and criticise too easily.

This will be another important area to consciously work through to avoid unnecessary dramatic flare-ups and misunderstandings. 

Their common ground is creativity and performing, so to stay connected, they need to find time to work on a joint creative activity that keeps their passion and connection alive. 

The marriage date is quite interesting too as there have been some significant planetary shifts and sign changes between the engagement and the marriage date. Two significant things stand out for me….. Uranus going back into Aries and still in retrograde for the wedding can create a shift or unexpected insights into things – (old information surfacing).

Perhaps cold feet or doubt could shake things up a little….. 

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The other one is the notorious Mercury retrograde that can play tricks and muddle up information or create delays, misperceptions or misunderstandings and generally it is advised not to sign important life changing documents when Mercury is in retrograde. However the Libra Moon and Venus on the last degree of Libra add a lovely romantic overtone.

Priyanka is at a new stage in her life and Jupiter is blessing her relationship house with new opportunities and adventures as she enters this new chapter. Also her progressed Sun moves into Virgo which can be a shift in how she shines her light over this next phase. Her work will prosper and possibly expand and grow, and 2021 - 2026 seem to be quite a busy time, but the year to mark for her is from 2026 as a significant transit could shake things up quite dramatically.

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Nick's significant transits will be around 2021/2022 when he has his Saturn return. This can also be an intense time where there may be significant changes, big career decisions and emotional intensity that will test him over this period.  

So to wrap up this overview:

Priyanka and Nick are two incredibly talented performers with full agendas and a passion for life. The limelight will make it challenging for them to focus on their private connection.

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Bae ??@nickjonas

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The energy of Venus – romance, creativity and love is strong in this union, but their differences are stronger and their different values and ideas will need to be consciously worked on with patience, persistence and a sensitive and receptive connection for this union to endure the long run.

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