Do Hollywood sex scenes work in real life? Women tell all

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Illustration photo by Getty Images
Illustration photo by Getty Images
  • Movie sex scenes always make it seem like adventurous love-making is the easiest and sexiest way to bond with your partner.
  • But do these scenes translate in real life?
  • Women share how remaking well-known TV scenes worked out for them and their partners.

In the work storeroom - as told by Lauren, 27.

Scene: 8 Mile (2002), starring Eminem and Brittany Murphy.

"My boyfriend and I work in the same shop in a suburban mall, and we were sent downstairs to the storeroom to pick up some boxes of stock. When we got there, way underground in the carpark, I locked the door... then grabbed him and initiated a pretty aggressive make-out session.

"He sat down on one of the crates and undid his pants, and I hitched up my skirt. The boss knew we were down there together - and she knows we're going out - so we had to be fast. The whole thing felt so incredibly naughty, with the added risk that our colleagues have keys to the room, so they could've walked in at any time.

"I'm a bit of a hygiene freak and, oddly, the grubby storeroom actually sweetened the experience (double taboo!). When we were done, we quickly put ourselves back together and loaded up the boxes like we were supposed to. For the rest of the day, my boyfriend kept staring at me from across the shop with a sexy smile on his face, and every time I caught his eye, I blushed like a schoolgirl. Definitely an Oscar-winning scene - minus the acting." 

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In the kitchen - as told by Erin, 28.

Scene: 9½ Weeks (1986), starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger.

"The first time food got involved, my ex-boyfriend and I were making out, then he blindfolded me and came back with all these different kinds of fruits. He started putting them everywhere. It felt kind of creepy, because he didn't ask my permission - I mean, you can't just put fruit down someone's pants without asking!

"I was kinda freaking out, thinking. 'I can't see! What is that?! Where are you putting it?!'. Also, it ruined the sheets, so when I took off the blindfold, I thought, 'Great, now I have nothing to put on my muesli, and my sheets are wrecked'.

"The second time we did it was more like 92 Weeks, on the kitchen floor. He teased me with the food, and I thought he was being mean. If you want me to eat it, just give it to me and I'll eat it! Then he tried out maple syrup, and I was like, 'Bah! You can't even get this stuff off in the shower!'. It was so sticky. And it went all over the floor. That was our final foray into Food-Sex Land." 

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In the shower - Melissa, 25.

Scene: The Tourist (2010), starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

"One night, my boyfriend and I were getting heavy on his couch when I suggested we head into the shower. Once we got in there, he grabbed my butt and picked me up - quite literally scooping me off the ground - and leant me against the wall like I weighed nothing at all.

"This put me in the mood in a big way, because I felt so little and feminine. He plays rugby, so he's ridiculously tall and strong. The water was falling against his back, not on me, which made things better from a female perspective; in the past, I've found water a bit abrasive.

"I wrapped my legs around his waist and hooked my elbows over the back of the shower wall. You probably know what happened next; it was damn awesome. I'd like to thank Angelina and Johnny for inspiring me." 

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In the bathroom - as told by Kate, 26.

Scene: Unfaithful (2002), starring Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez.

"One night, my boyfriend and I were out at a bar with friends when we decided to go to the bathroom together for sex. It was all going well until the motion tipped a Tabasco sauce bottle - which was randomly sitting on the cistern - all over me.

"I'm allergic to the sauce, so I got a massive heat rash down my legs and over my stomach, and we had to stop. I didn't get a chance to wash it off properly, so I just hastily put my jeans back on.

"I was scratching like crazy and I couldn't explain it to anyone. All our mates kept asking, 'What's wrong?'. And I'd say, "I'm just really itchy'. But I couldn't tell them why!" 


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