14 things every woman should know

First pay rent then buy shoes
Yes, we know those Nine West shoes are gorgeous AND on sale, but homeless girls don't have many occasions to wear them to. Shelter and groceries should ALWAYS come first. Always.

You can’t change a bad boy
This is something that should be drilled into our heads by now, but it seems we never learn. Read this very carefully, girls: you cannot change him; he needs to make the decision to change on his own. Buying his clothes, curbing his drinking, and making him quit smoking is only going to make him resent you. And if he was a douche when he met you, chances are he'll still be a douche when you break up.

No man is worth fighting over
If your man comes between you and your best friend, you need to tell him to back off. If that doesn't work, he's obviously not worth your time. These kinds of things don’t just happen on Jerry Springer, but it’s a pity they happen at all. If he’s slept with someone else; he’s not worth fighting for. If he’s been dating someone else on the sly; he’s not worth fighting for. If anything he does makes you feel like less of a person – HE’S NOT WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

Your body is beautiful
It's your body. Yours. Not anyone else's. You're going to spend your entire life in it, so learn to appreciate and love it. Everything about your body is beautiful. From that dimple above your butt, to the beauty spot on your chin. It's you. It's part of what makes you unique.

Talk, don’t yell
WHEN. YOU. SHOUT. ALL. THE. TIME. IT. MAKES. IT. HARDER. FOR. PEOPLE. TO. UNDERSTAND. YOU. Tone it down. People can still hear you when you just talk. Especially if what you have to say is well thought out and witty.

Looks aren’t everything
Just because the guy doesn’t look like Channing Tatum or David Beckham doesn’t mean he isn’t a great guy. We’re not saying you should date someone you’re not attracted to, but at least give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

If he plays hard to get he’s not interested
So you’ve invited him out for coffee, asked him round for drinks, or suggested going out to watch movie, but he hasn’t accepted any of your offers. He keeps making excuses as why he can’t go, or ignores your messages, and suddenly texts you back the next day saying he’s sorry he missed your call. It means he just not that interested, darling. If he really liked you, he wouldn’t string you along.

A good haircut is worth more than diamonds
A woman’s hair is one of the most recognisable things about her. So, do yourself a favour, and get a great haircut that you love and feel comfortable with, and wear it with confidence. Also, before you go all crazy, make sure the haircut suits your face and that it’s being done by a good hairdresser. You don’t want to leave there looking like you got special attention from Edward Scissorhands.

If he’s not your friend, don’t bother
Your lover should always be your friend first. If he doesn’t ask how your day was, or laugh at your silly jokes, there’s something wrong there. Every relationship should start with some sort of friendship.

There is no such thing as a frenemy
If she's pretending to be your friend to your face, but then says the most horrible things about you when you're not there, she's not your friend. Fake relationships are exhausting and pointless. Ditch that bitch.

Okay sex is NOT okay
Whether you're with someone new or in a long-term relationship, the sex should never be mediocre. Ever. Don't get me wrong, we're not saying you should get a sex swing, or have an orgy (but if that's how you get your rocks off, go ahead), slow, soft sex can be just as good as fast-paced, back against the wall, nail marks on his back sex too. It’s about communication. Tell him what you like, what makes you uncomfortable, and listen to what he wants. Always be open to trying something new - unless it either makes you very uncomfortable, seems illegal, or both. And if you've both tried, but the sex is still bad, maybe it's time to re-evaluate your relationship. Sex isn't everything, but it does form a big chunk of any relationship.

Always carry cash
We're not saying you should have enough money in your handbag to feed a small family for a month, but anything between R250 - R350 in your purse at all times is more than enough. There will be an emergency at some time in your life, and you might need cash to sort it out.

A man is not a financial plan
Your financial well-being is up to you. It shouldn’t lay in the hands of your boyfriend, fiancee, husband, or even your father. If you love the man and want to be with him, that is brilliant, but if you're only in the relationship because of its monetary benefits, sorry doll, but you're basically a prostitute. You need to sort your shit out.

Your voice is always important
It is your right to be heard. Whether you’re complaining to your landlord about your loud, annoying neighbour, or protesting for a cause that is close to your heart. Your voice is your power. Use it wisely.

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