Why should I apologise for terrorism?

Every time there’s a breaking story on CNN or I see twitter light up like a Christmas tree, I find myself silently whispering “Please God, don’t let them be Muslims!”

I have to then brace myself, because every person you come into contact with now expects an apology from me, just because of a few deranged guys who just happen to have the Qur’an in their house, chose to “represent” 1.6 billion others who have the Qur’an in their houses too.

I then read a comment by a “rich but stupid person” (I am exercising my freedom of expression) which makes me say “WTF!”

Really Rupert … when the CIA with all its intel and drones cannot pin point who is responsible, yet a middle class working woman who is Muslim now needs to track and trace jihadist just to prove to you, I am peaceful. Well fuck you … There’s a reason why we are limited to 140 characters on Twitter, a blessing or a curse, but in this case definitely a blessing for us all.

Is it not blatantly obvious that the ‘terrorists' actions in no way represents Islam?

Terrorism is murder. Finish and Klaar!

NEWSFLASH: Terrorism or hirabah is forbidden in Islamic law. Murder is strictly forbidden in the Qur’an. Saying “Allah Hu Akbar” before you shoot people definitely does not make it right. It is forbidden to attempt to impose Islam on other people. Yes Boko Haram! This means you.

The biggest enemy of my faith is extremism, which goes against our teachings, tolerance and genuine precepts. “The War on Terror”, as the global players keep calling it, should actually be “The War on Extremism”.

Isn't it obvious that if you declare war on something, there is bound to be a backlash? I am not justifying terrorism nor am I advocating extremism. It is an explanation. When countries are attacked in the name of “War on Terrorism” men, women and children are indiscriminately killed. This is referred to as collateral damage.

A dead innocent is a dead innocent.

Do you think these extremists are going to take things lying down without hitting back?

As Gandhi said - "Violence begets violence".

Then you get the rest of us who sit there shell-shocked at senseless killing and incomprehensible attacks, we really don’t have explanations why these maniacs (not going to use the word terrorists) feel the need to perpetrate such hateful acts in our name. The same way we are shocked when civilians are killed in Yemen or Pakistan by drones.

We also do not go digging up lists of “other religions” that had their own forms of extremism. Those who blew things up and massacred people to ensure the purity of their religion. Did they become “posters” for their faiths – No! Imagine shoving all these lists down throats, so that we can find some comfort that “it’s not just the Muslims”

There are mass shooting and attacks on places of worship, schools, shopping malls etc. which Muslims had no part in.

Before you start typing in the comment box...

I am not justifying any terrorist actions …. In fact I am trying to understand how fucked up this is. The entire human race seems to have royally messed up our purpose as a religion. I know our purpose is definitely not to commit murder in the name of anything.

My mind just races, we have apologised, explained, shared, tried to make the people see the other side of it. Not everyone is an Osama or a Kouachi. Some of the places these extremists come from, I have never been too. Our cultural divide is so huge, the Grand Canyon looks small. This entire incident becomes a political game, the terrorists and the dead become pawns in a game to promote bigotry and hate.

The Charlie Hebdo Tragedy is a perfect example of how something can spiral out of control. I support the right to free speech but there should be a line in choosing to exercise that right responsibly and respectfully.

As mentioned above, my Prophet does not need our protection, quite the contrary. Publishing cartoons depicting him is insulting 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. I also think cartoons depicting Judaism and Christianity and Hindu Gods are also unacceptable.

I will not apologise or become a public defender for these “jihadists” who carry out these crimes in the name of my faith. If people think these 3 “idiots” represent an entire religion and billions of people, think again. I’m so tired of racist, bigoted, absurd and anti-Muslim rhetoric.  Any attack on a human being irrespective of the colour of their skin; their beliefs and religion, is pure evil.

These extremists say they have to protect the honour of God that they have to protect the honour of our Prophet, really? God needs your protection. Everyone keeps asking, what do you think about it? Why are you silent? Do you not feel anything? What do you want me to say?

Since when does my sadness and mourning need to be displayed so that you can believe it? As long as innocent people are being killed in the name of any religion or freedom to live; be it a child on the streets of Gaza, a girl in a classroom in Pakistan, a policeman on the streets of Paris, those who dare to question what 1.6 billion Muslims feel about it need to revaluate their thought process.  How about these attacks are attacks on all of us based on Humanity. I am tired of trying to justify my stance. 

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