Is urine the next miracle skin cure?


Is there anything worse for ruining your day than waking up with a giant pimple on your face?

Yeah, didn't think so.

Since the dawn of time or acne, whichever came first, there has been so many weird remedies that claim to remove spots that it would take ages to run down the list.

Unfortunately most don't work, and people have put some pretty strange stuff on their skins, from kiwi to toothpaste to mud masks and bird poop ...

Now the latest craze is urine. 

"Applying urine onto the skin using a clean, damp cloth can help clear up eczema and acne."

Urine therapy, also known as Urotherapy, is a natural skin therapy that involves using urine in order to cure skin woes. Urine contains 95 percent water, 2.5 percent urea and the rest is a combination of salts and different minerals and enzymes that contain essential nutrients. 

According to Medical Daily, applying urine onto the skin using a clean, damp cloth can help clear up eczema and acne. It is also said that morning urine is best as a facial treatment as urine hormones build up overnight which is what you're looking for.

"The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties urine contains can assist with preventing diseases and boost immunity."

Natural healthcare consultant and author of In Your Own Perfect Medicine, Martha Christy, claims that massaging your skin with urine can treat acne and eczema as well as fungal infections. 

Martha states in her book that doctors and medical researchers have proved that our own urine is an enormous source of vital vitamins and nutrients.  

According to her, pee has also been used to cure heart disease, allergies, cancer, diabetes, infections, infertility, wounds and immune diseases.

She continues to say that the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties urine contains can assist with preventing diseases and boost immunity.

If you're not too grossed out already, Martha also suggest using it as ear/eye drops and yes, even drinking a cup of your own wee first thing in the morning to boost your health.


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But is Martha just one kook or does her theories hold water?

In 1975 Dr. A.H. Free, who is one of the founders of Miles Laboratories, published a book, Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice. In this book he remarked that urine contains thousands of compounds and nutrients that reflect the individual body's functions.

The question you're most likely asking yourself, is if urine is that important, why do our bodies excrete it?

Well, according to it is because of the way our livers are created; nutrient-filled blood goes through the liver where there are toxins that are removed in order to be excreted as solid waste.  

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The purified blood then undergoes a filtering process in the kidneys where excess water, salts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies, urea, uric acid and other elements not usable at that time by the body are collected in the form of a purified, watery solution that is urine.

Dr. A.H. Free’s book explains this in-depth and also discusses the misconceptions around urine therapy. 

As grossed out as you might be by this all this urine talk, it is clear that medical findings have proven that urine is a not only a valuable source of healing, but also of nourishment.

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