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9h ago

Who do you hope will emerge victorious in the US election?
Donald Trump
0% - 0 votes
Joe Biden
64% - 7 votes
I wouldn't choose either of them
36% - 4 votes

30 Oct

If you’re watching Netflix and DSTV on your phone, laptop, tablet or the good old-fashioned TV box, the SABC could force you to pay your TV licence. Do you think this is fair?
Yes, it’s fair
7% - 2 votes
No, that’s just daylight robbery
93% - 28 votes

29 Oct

What are your thoughts on Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s mid-term budget that he delivered on Wednesday?
Very well said, gives me hope
9% - 2 votes
It’s redundant
18% - 4 votes
It makes no difference to me
32% - 7 votes
41% - 9 votes

28 Oct

Msunduzi municipality wants you to rate their service in a new customer satisfaction survey. How would you rate them?
I am very satisfied with their services
0% - 0 votes
It's okay. I can live with the services they offer
0% - 0 votes
Their services leave much to be desired
14% - 5 votes
What services? They're non-existent
86% - 32 votes

27 Oct

Police took six years to make an arrest in the murder case of former Bafana Bafana player, Senzo Meyiwa. Six years. What are your thoughts about this?
Better late than never
23% - 9 votes
It must have been a really tough case to crack
5% - 2 votes
It's a weak reflection on our police
72% - 28 votes

26 Oct

The call of the Piet my vrou is back, ringing across the valleys and hills of our province. What are your thoughts when you hear it at all hours?
Ah, I love it! Summer is truly here.
87% - 34 votes
It's noise pollution, plain and simple
5% - 2 votes
The Piet my what?!
8% - 3 votes

24 Oct

Many Pietermaritzburg residents are rallying against air pollution from an industrial source they describe as smelling like 'cat-pee'. Have you struggled with this in your area?
Yes, it's pretty bad.
47% - 8 votes
I get an occasional whiff of it
18% - 3 votes
No, I haven't smelt it.
35% - 6 votes

23 Oct

Today is World Champagne Day. Are you a champagne snob?
Absolutely. If it’s not French and from the Champagne region it’s not champagne
10% - 3 votes
As long as it’s got bubbles, I call it champers
45% - 14 votes
I don’t drink
45% - 14 votes

22 Oct

We use the Internet for work and play. How reliable is your Internet connection?
I'm happy with it
35% - 8 votes
It could be better
43% - 10 votes
Very unreliable
22% - 5 votes

21 Oct

Following the economic devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, are you confident you'll get a Christmas bonus this year?
Very confident
0% - 0 votes
I've been told I won't get a bonus
50% - 8 votes
I don't know
50% - 8 votes

20 Oct

What streaming services do you prefer?
58% - 18 votes
Showmax and DSTV Now
16% - 5 votes
3% - 1 votes
I don't stream
23% - 7 votes

18 Oct

It seems a lot of people have become more reliant on the internet rather than the people around them. If you’re unsure about something or how to do something, would you rather ask someone, like your relatives or colleagues, or would you rather search for it on Google?
Ask the internet
90% - 45 votes
Ask someone
10% - 5 votes

16 Oct

How bad are the potholes in your neighbourhood at the moment?
80% - 64 votes
Not bad
13% - 10 votes
We don't have any
8% - 6 votes

15 Oct

Should the cash-strapped Msunduzi municipality fund the local soccer team Maritzburg United?
15% - 6 votes
85% - 35 votes

14 Oct

It's summer and the mosquitoes are back, leaving itchy, red welts on our skin and making it hard to sleep as they buzz around the room. Many people are saying they're worse than ever this year. Do you agree?
Yes, there are swarms of them some nights
17% - 5 votes
No, it's the same as every year
83% - 24 votes

13 Oct

With evidence again showing that the virus responsible for Covid-19 can live on surfaces, like your phone, for up to four weeks, does this make you redouble your efforts to santise, sanitise and sanitise some more?
Yes, bring on the soap and sanitiser!
29% - 19 votes
No, it's probably just hype
37% - 24 votes
I can't sanitise more than I already do
34% - 22 votes

12 Oct

Following a spate of horror crashes on KwaZulu-Natal's roads, what do you think needs to be done to curb road carnage?
We need better roads
27% - 25 votes
We need driver education
68% - 63 votes
We need better vehicles
4% - 4 votes

10 Oct

It's the weekend baby! But we all know there's work to be done at home. Who usually ends up doing the lion's share of the chores?
32% - 9 votes
18% - 5 votes
We all chip in to get it done
50% - 14 votes

09 Oct

20% - 6 votes
67% - 20 votes
13% - 4 votes

08 Oct

Do people around you or in your community still wear masks?
Yes, everyone still wears a mask.
25% - 13 votes
Some do, some don’t.
58% - 30 votes
No, it’s like Covid-19 doesn’t exist anymore.
17% - 9 votes
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Who do you hope will emerge victorious in the US election?
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Donald Trump
0% - 0 votes
Joe Biden
64% - 7 votes
I wouldn't choose either of them
36% - 4 votes
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