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20 Sep

Will you be voting for the same political party you always vote for at the November 2021 municipal elections, or will you be voting differently this time?
I will vote for the same political party I always vote for
42% - 74 votes
I will be voting for a different political party
31% - 55 votes
I will decide who to vote for at the polls
27% - 48 votes

16 Sep

What are your thoughts on people who choose not to get vaccinated whether its for personal, medical or religious reasons?
I respect their decision
35% - 72 votes
I think mandatory vaccinations should be passed
52% - 106 votes
I’m one of the people who chooses not to get vaccinated
13% - 27 votes

13 Sep

South Africans will head to the polls on November 1, 2021, to elect the political leadership of the country’s 257 municipalities. Will you be voting in these local elections?
No, I only vote in national elections
14% - 30 votes
Yes, I’ll vote
69% - 144 votes
No, I don’t vote
17% - 35 votes

08 Sep

It is speculated that President Cyril Ramaphosa will move SA to Lockdown Level 2. Are you comfortable with restrictions being eased?
76% - 184 votes
24% - 58 votes

06 Sep

Former president Jacob Zuma has been placed on medical parole. Department of Correctional Services' spokesperson, Singabakho Nxumalo, on Sunday said Zuma's parole’s eligibility “is impelled by a medical report received by the Department of Correctional Services.” What are your thoughts on this matter?
I’m highly sceptical about this
27% - 99 votes
I have no doubt that Zuma is sick and deserves medical report
5% - 18 votes
It doesn’t matter what we think, we must respect doctor’s decision
6% - 24 votes
I saw this coming
62% - 230 votes

03 Sep

With the increasing Covid-19 cases in KZN, are you still attending gatherings?
I only attend important gatherings with controlled numbers
23% - 28 votes
I don’t attend any gatherings
73% - 88 votes
I do attend large gatherings, but I’m very careful
4% - 5 votes

02 Sep

The Jacob Zuma Foundation last week sent out a plea asking people to open up their wallets and donate towards former president Jacob Zuma’s mounting legal bills. Will you be donating?
Yes, I have donated
1% - 2 votes
I am planning on donating
3% - 5 votes
I will not donate
96% - 172 votes

30 Aug

Opposition parties have slammed the “slap on the wrist” punishment that Health MEC, Nomagugu Simelane received for her “maskless” birthday party. KZN’s Premier Sihle Zikalala announced that Simelane would have 50% of her next pay docked and she would have to make a public apology for her actions. What are your thoughts on this matter?
I agree, this is a slap on the wrist
75% - 230 votes
I think her punishment fits her crime
21% - 64 votes
I think the punishment is too harsh
5% - 14 votes

26 Aug

Will your child get vaccinated when vaccinations are open for people under the age of 18?
Yes, definitely
68% - 120 votes
My children will have to decide for themselves
11% - 20 votes
No, my child will not get vaccinated
21% - 37 votes

24 Aug

Maritzburg United Football Club could receive sponsorship to the tune of R9 million per year from Msunduzi Municipality. This is if the council approves the request for sponsorship presented to the Executive Committee last week. What are your thoughts on the matter?
It’s a great investment by the municipality
13% - 14 votes
Bad idea, this money could be used in a better way
73% - 81 votes
It’s too much money, maybe the City can sponsor a smaller amount
14% - 16 votes

23 Aug

Vaccinations are now opened to people between the ages of 18 and 34. Will you be getting vaccinated this week?
Yes, definitely
57% - 54 votes
31% - 29 votes
I'm still considering it
13% - 12 votes

19 Aug

If you've decided to get vaccinated against Covid-19, where are you in the process?
Both shots done and dusted
49% - 101 votes
I've had one shot so far
24% - 50 votes
I got the Johnson & Johnson shot
12% - 25 votes
I'm still waiting to go
15% - 30 votes

18 Aug

Many people are still working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Where do you prefer working?
I prefer working from home
43% - 35 votes
I prefer being at the workplace
26% - 21 votes
In a week, I prefer working a few days at the office and the rest at home
31% - 25 votes

16 Aug

KZN schools are emerging as the biggest contributor to the rapid increase of new Covid-19 infections in the province. More than 120 schools have reported cases. Some parents are calling for the closure of schools around the province. Do you think schools should close?
Don’t close schools, children need to learn
32% - 46 votes
Close schools, our children’s safety is the most important
68% - 99 votes

12 Aug

Many restaurants and some supermarkets have created platforms where customers can order and have their meals or groceries delivered to their homes. Do you utilise such services?
Yes, I love it. I can’t remember the last time I was in a shop
25% - 65 votes
No, I prefer going to the store
51% - 134 votes
I only use it to order from restaurants
24% - 64 votes

10 Aug

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday expressed his gratitude towards the first phase of an innovative Gender-Based Violence and Femicide Private Sector Response Fund which has, to date, received some R141 million in pledges. What are your thoughts on the matter?
Great news, women need all the help
9% - 13 votes
I doubt this money will be used to help GBV victims
73% - 101 votes
The funds alone aren’t enough, more needs to be done
17% - 24 votes

06 Aug

What did you think of Cyril Ramapohsa's late-night cabinet reshuffle on Thursday?
I trust him enough to know he's made the right choices
42% - 90 votes
I don't think it was necessary to reshuffle the cabinet at this time
5% - 10 votes
There were some real bombshells. I'm unconvinced that this was the right way to go
53% - 114 votes

04 Aug

Simba has confirmed that its All Gold Tomato Sauce flavoured chips will be discontinued. How are you taking this news?
I’m heartbroken, it was my favourite flavour
30% - 66 votes
I’m glad my favourite flavour is still on the shelves
14% - 30 votes
Not bothered
56% - 124 votes

02 Aug

Should employers be allowed to implement and enforce mandatory vaccination policies at the workplace?
Yes, it helps ensure everyone’s safety
36% - 73 votes
No, no one should be forced to get vaccinated
43% - 87 votes
Depends on the line of work they're in
20% - 41 votes

29 Jul

National Treasury says around R38 billion will be given to businesses and people to help them recover from the recent looting. What are your thoughts on this matter?
It seems like a good amount
27% - 38 votes
I don’t think it will be enough
30% - 43 votes
I’m not sure yet, we’ll wait and see
43% - 60 votes
Daily Poll
Will you be voting for the same political party you always vote for at the November 2021 municipal elections, or will you be voting differently this time?
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I will vote for the same political party I always vote for
42% - 74 votes
I will be voting for a different political party
31% - 55 votes
I will decide who to vote for at the polls
27% - 48 votes


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