Art show dedicated to the disabled

2000-08-25 14:59

Johannesburg - An exhibition of new paintings, titled Brushstrokes, by artist Mandla Mabila will go on show at the Bill Ainslie Gallery on 29 August.

Mabila issued the following statement ahead of the opening: "The title of this exhibition came about as a result of growth in my own life that I felt needed labelling, artistically speaking. My growth as a person was a result of interactions with many people at many levels and also in making art. In a nutshell, this show is a celebration of the realisation that I have the pleasure of being involved in the business of living. It is also meant to honour my friends Dawn, Mpho, Teresa, Justin, Jason, Liz, Barbara & family, Sammy, Nthikeng, Noluthando, Papi, my sisters Ntozi and Nokulunga but above all my mother.

"I also want to pay tribute and respect to the medium of painting itself, which has given me not only the joy of painting, but also the chance to communicate ideas and feelings. I have been able to deal with different aspects of disability, its little ups and downs, through this medium. The opportunity to share 'portions' of my life with other people has been the most valuable thing about being an artist. Painting has been like a mirror to look at, but unlike a mirror, painting allows one to be not only what one is, but also what one would like to be.

"This show is also dedicated to the disabled people of South Africa."

  • The exhibition will be opened on 29 August by Elizabeth Delmont and will close on 23 September, at:
    Bill Ainslie Gallery,
    The Johannesburg Art Foundation,
    6 Eastwold Way,
    Cell: 082 676 1754,
    Tel: 646 6197 / 486 1658.