Bosch loses appeal

2001-01-30 12:12

Gaborone, Botswana - South African Marietta Sonjaleen Bosch, who has been on death row in Gaborone Central Prison for a year, on Tuesday lost her appeal in the Botswana Appeal Court against conviction for murder and will now hang.

The court found that there was substantial evidence that Bosch did commit the murder.

The appeal was heard on January 18 and 19 by Acting Judge President of the Appeal Court Timothy Aguda, Appeal Judge Justice Tebbutt and Botswana's Chief Justice Julian Nganunu, ex officio a member of the appeal court.

Bosch was represented by British Queen's Counsel Desmond de Silva and Botswana attorney Edward Fashole-Luke II.

"She was a wicked and despicable woman. The murder had been planned over a long period, no doubt as a result of jealousy and infatuation," said Aguda.

Bosch, 50, was sentenced to death in the Botswana High Court by Justice Isaac Aboagye in February last year after he had found her guilty of the murder in June 1996 of Maria Magdalene Wolmarans, also from South Africa and her best friend and wife of the man she has since married.

Bosch married 'Tienie' Wolmarans a year after his wife had been murdered whilst she was free on bail.

Security in the courtroom was tight with armed police and security officers present guarding the inside and outside of the court. Officials in Botswana said only an unprecedented intervention by Botswana President Festus Mogae, who could take three to six months to deliver a decision, could save her from the gallows, which has not been used in three years. - Reuters/Sapa