Death in chainsaw policy scam

2001-11-29 18:12

Bolzano, Italy - A 23-year-old Italian bled to death after having his leg cut off with a chainsaw in a fumbled insurance scam that went horribly wrong, police in Bolzano said on Thursday.

The body of Andreas Plack was found lying in a pool of blood in a fruit orchard off the Bolzano-Merano highway, in Italy's German-speaking northern province. A day later police arrested his cousin, a 29-year-old insurance agent named Christian Kleon, on charges of homicide and aggravated fraud.

According to police, Plack, a former discotheque bouncer who dreamed of becoming a private investigator, devised the gruesome scheme along with his cousin Kleon to swindle several insurance agencies.

Plack asked Kleon to amputate his leg and planned to tell police he had fallen victim to unknown aggressors. But the plan went wrong because the chainsaw severed the leg's main arteries and caused him to bleed to death before rescuers could reach the scene of the tragedy.

Magistrates said the investigation reached a rapid conclusion after Kleon decided to confess. - Sapa/DPA