Elvis Presley at Wimbledon final

2002-07-23 11:50

London - Elvis Presley riding into London on a dead Derby winner to play a fugitive nobleman in the men's final at Wimbledon.

Sounds impossible? One betting barmy Brit doesn't think so.

Unemployed Ian Macmillan has been given odds of 20 000 000 to one that the King of rock 'n' roll will one day ride into town on missing wonder horse Shergar for a showdown with Lord Lucan at the home of British tennis, the Sun said on Tuesday.

MacMillan approached bookmakers William Hill about the wager and was quoted the odds for a £10 stake, the paper said, giving him a potential return of £200 million.

Worried about such an enormous exposure - no matter how unlikely - Hills limited MacMillan to a five pence stake, which would still net him around £1 million if history and the laws of science were turned on their heads.

Elvis died in 1977, aged 42, although thousands of fans claim to have sighted him.

Lucan went on the run in 1974 at the age of 39 after nanny Sandra Rivett was murdered. He has never been seen since.

Derby-winner Shergar was kidnapped by Irish Republican Army guerrillas in 1983. His remains have never been found.

"I'm looking forward to collecting my winnings," MacMillan told the paper.