Idols a silver lining for Anke

2003-10-19 21:19

Cape Town - The Idols final was a star-studded performance and an unforgettable one.

Cape Town's angel, Poseletso Sejosingoe, 18, and Kimberley's nightingale Anke Pietrangeli, 20, went head to head in one of the tightest competitions yet.

But there can be only one winner, and Anke took it away.

Never has a reality competition been this close.

News24 ran a poll and the results were amazing.

Users were asked who they thought should win the competition, and the split was 50% - 49% in Poseletso's favour. I'm sure it was a matter of a few votes which separated the winner from the runner-up if the poll is to be believed.

More than 1.5 million votes were also cast in the final week, hopefully there'll be that much support in album sales for both finalists.

Both contestants sang three songs, one the judges chose, one they chose, and of course the winner's single, Silver Lining. And both rose to the occasion splendidly.

Listening to their performances, I can safely say South Africa got it right this time. The two finalists had every right to be there and both are phenomenal singers.

Anke's going to go a long way, and Poseletso won't be too far behind.

A great addition to the show was Gareth Gates who gave his die-hard fans in SA two great performances. It has to be said that the young man is looking fantastic.

Gone is the sweet, clean boy-next-door look he sported two years ago, and in its place is a rugged, handsome, sexy grunge look. He sang two songs from his latest album, and he's sounding pretty good.

Heinz Winckler was also back on stage this year, singing Soledad. It was this song last year that pushed up his popularity and possibly pushed him over the winning line as well.

Plus, he seems to have added a few kicks and turns to the old routine. Looking good Heinz, not bad at all.

The two finalists also had some well-wishers who gave a few words of encouragement and praise. Kabelo, Judith Sephuma as well as a few of last year's Idols, Melanie Louw, Ezra Lingeveldt. Nicole Billingham and Heinz Winckler all showed their support. Big Brother Africa winner, Cherise was also in the audience showing her support.

But what would Idols be without our favourites, the judges. The four seemed rather sad to see the end of the show and had nothing bad to say about either of the contestants.

Dave said it was inspiring and sad to see the end of the show, but that it was only the beginning for both ladies, as well as the rest of the Top 12.

Gareth was full of clichés on Sunday night. He told Poseletso that he felt "as proud as a father" watching her. His words to Anke came from a song he'd been listening to earlier in the week: "I have a talent, a wonderful thing, because everyone listens when I sing. Thank you for the music".

Randall took a trip back into time, and recalled the day Anke auditioned right at the beginning of the show, and he thought then that she'd make it, so it was no surprise to see her in the final.

And Mara, Mama Mara, congratulated both finalists, told them they're both "simply stunning" and said to the rest of the Top 12 that everybody was a winner.

We now know who the country thinks the best singer is, but what about the worst? Well remember Jaco Snyman, the young man who gave us a very theatrical performance of If Tomorrow Never Comes? Well he's the winner.

Idols worst performer of the year didn't walk away empty-handed though, he gets a clothing voucher, as well as a wooden microphone, which for safety reasons, doesn't work.

But what now? Well, the Top 12 Idols will be performing on concerts around the country in a few months time, and Anke's single will be released in just a few days. I'm sure the rest of the Top 12 will be working on their own albums, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

And so six months of searching for the country's top singing talent has come to an end. The battle was fierce and tough, and oh so close. But there could be only one winner, Anke Pietrangeli. Now it's up to her to keep coming up with the magic, and also to sell a few million albums.

The real fight is about to begin for all 12 contestants, and I'm sure the country is waiting with bated breath to see what these young stars have to offer.

Idols is over and out.