Marike's millions go to kids

2002-01-04 20:02

Cape Town - Marike de Klerk, murdered ex-wife of former president FW de Klerk, has bequeathed a house and R200 000 to her daughter, while the daughter and her two brothers - after deductions and other bequests - will each receive an equal share in the remaining portion of the estate.

Ten percent of the estate of just more than R2 million is to be divided between Christian organisations and the School for the Deaf in Worcester. No mention is made in the testament of bequests to her former husband or anyone outside the family.

De Klerk's last will and testament was submitted to and accepted by the Master of the High Court in Cape Town this week. The testament was drawn up in November 1998, shortly after her divorce on October 30 in Cape Town.

Although several rumours have it that family members and her former fiance Johann Koekemoer borrowed money from her, no mention is made thereof in the testament or estate.

It is apparent from the testament that De Klerk's daughter, Susan Hillocks of Wapadrand, Pretoria, is the main beneficiary. Hillocks has also been appointed executor of the estate.

She receives R200 000 in cash, while the testament states: "I also put it on record that the property known as Pecan Place, which is registered in the name of Mardek Trust, is the property of my aforementioned daughter and it should be accrued to her."

Hillocks, however, also owes the estate R98 000.

The most important assets of the De Klerk's had been placed in said trust prior to their divorce. This included the Dolphin Beach property where de Klerk was murdered in December last year.

In accordance with their divorce settlement the former president had to withdraw as trustee, which left his ex-wife as the sole trustee. It is apparent from the will that Mardek Trust comprises two parts, one of which has been registered in South Africa and another in Jersey.

Included in the claims which, in accordance to the testament, can be recovered from Mardek Trust is an amount of R910 000. This amount probably applies to the Dolphin Beach property that was worth an estimated R1 million in 1998.

An amount of R450 000 is being claimed from Mardek Trust in Jersey, with the third claim of R98 000 being against Hillock.

Other assets include a Liberty Life annuity of R100 000 and a fixed deposit of R145 000 at a building society.

De Klerk's estate also includes another property in Karee Park, Pretoria, while her movable assets, including a vehicle and furniture, were estimated to be worth R140 000 at the time.

These movable assets do not include personal and other separate items. The testament states that personal items "were consigned to particular favourites during my (De Klerk) life as is reflected in a separate document". This record did not form part of the documents submitted to the master of the court.

Apart from the money and property bequeathed to Hillocks, De Klerk also stipulated that a second cousin, Janette Kasselman, and Marike Aucamp, daughter of Pieter and Leoni Aucamp, should each inherit R100 000.

The testament further stipulates that the remainder of the estate be divided as follows after deduction of all liabilities and estate tax:

Ten percent will be equally divided between:

  • The School for the Deaf in Worcester with a request that half of the amount be used for cochlear implants.

  • The Pretoria Evangelical After-care Service.

  • The missionary division of the NG Church of Transvaal: Bible distribution.

    The remaining portion is to be divided equally among the children, Frederik Willem de Klerk, Johannes de Klerk and Hillocks.