More Bad Girls for SA

2001-05-30 08:20

Johannesburg - M-Net has secured a third season of the popular British drama series Bad Girls, whose stars are conducting a week-long promotional tour of South Africa.

An M-Net spokesperson said they are in the process of negotiating the fourth series.

Bad Girls, now in its second season on M-Net, is rated as the most popular TV drama in the United Kingdom - and it has similarly taken South African viewers by storm.

On Tuesday the media had an opportunity to meet several of the actors who helped make the drama series a hit.

They included Mandana Jones, who plays a fiery, compassionate lesbian Nicky Wade, Simone Lahib, whose character is the idealistic wing governor Helen Steawart, Lara Cazalet who plays the part of the junkie Zandra Placket, and Joe Show who is the sensitive warden Dominic McAlister.

The actors, who are on a week-long tour of Johannesburg and Cape Town, will throw a promotional Bad Girl Party at Monsoon Lagoon at Caesars Palace on Tuesday night and in the Mother City on Thursday.

They leave for Cape Town on Wednesday. A portion of the proceeds from the promotional parties will go to towards the National Institute for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders (Nicro). Nicro promotes education and rehabilitation programmes within the South African prison system.

On Tuesday the actors handed over R10 000 to a Nicro representative.

Writers for Bad Girls told reporters that they hoped the series "would promote real change within the prison system".

The drama has impacted on not only the South African public but also influenced the lives of the actors in a positive way.

Fans can visit the South African website on - Sapa