Nine-year old becomes mother

2001-03-09 11:52

Bangkok - A nine-year-old girl living in northern Thai province has given birth to a baby girl, shocked local officials reported on Friday.

Phetchabun provincial authorities said they were alerted to the situation when Wanwisa Janmuk's 27-year-old husband applied to register the baby's birth and told officials that the mother was herself born in 1991.

"We were not sure whether he had given us accurate information so we double checked with the hospital where she gave birth on February 26, which confirmed her age and that the child was hers," Sasithorn Jai-iem told AFP.

Sasithorn said she had consulted public health officials as to whether it was possible for such a young girl to safely conceive and deliver a child.

"They told us it is possible if the girl is healthy, and her husband told us that his wife is a big woman already," she added.

A photograph of Wanwisa, taken on her wedding day and published in the Thai Matichon daily Friday, showed her to be stockily built and apparently much older than her nine years.

Under Thai law minors can marry if their parents permit it. - Sapa-AFP