Sasol Gas completes Durban pipeline

2000-09-11 19:55

Durban – Sasol Gas has completed the final phase of its project, started in 1999, to install a 46km underground gas distribution pipeline in Durban, at a cost of R163m.

The first clients in Durban received gas from Sasol in April and May this year.

Durban South's supply infrastructure consists of a 21km long high pressure pipeline and a low pressure, high density polyethylene pipeline of 25km.

A new compressor will be installed next year to increase the pressure at Secunda, where the gas originates, to about 54 bars.

By the end of the year, the annual volume dispatched via the pipe-line to KwaZulu Natal will be about 17m gigajoules (GJ) of gas, of which about half (8.2m GJ) will go to Durban South.

This clean-burning gas comes from Sasol's subsidiary, Sasol Synthetic Fuels, in Secunda. The gas comprises 88% methane, with the balance made up of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, argon and ethylene.