Tienie Vorster dies

2000-09-14 12:55

Cape Town - Tienie Vorster, widow of former South African prime minister and state president John Vorster, died at a retirement complex in The Strand in the Western Cape early on Thursday morning, aged 83.

A daughter-in-law, Marie Vorster, said Tienie Vorster had been bedridden for the past six months.

She died shortly after midnight early on Thursday morning, a day after the 34th anniversary of John Vorster becoming prime minister in 1966 following the assassination of Hendrik Verwoerd.

Vorster resigned as prime minister in September 1978 in the wake of the so-called information scandal and briefly held the ceremonial post of state president until he was forced to step down in 1979.

He died in 1983.

Marie Vorster said her mother-in-law had loved people and doing things for them.

She leaves her son Willem, daughter Elsa, 10 grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

A memorial service is to be held in the Serenitas retirement complex in The Strand, at 10am on Saturday.

The funeral is to be private. - Sapa