The Cabinet

2004-04-30 14:57

The Cabinet

Source: Who's Who of Southern Africa

Thabo Mbeki
BEcon; MEcon;
Current: Pres: Republic of SA 1999-; Pres: ANC 1997-; Mem: ANC NEC 1975-; Mem: Nepad Steering Comm; Chancellor: Technikon Natal 1996-;
Previous: Chair: African Union 2002-2003; Exec Dep Pres: Republic of SA 1994-1999; Dep Pres: ANC 1994-1997; Natl Chair: ANC 1993; Mem: ANC Pol & Military Ccl 1985-1994; Dir: ANC Dept of Info & Publicity 1984-1989; Dept Head: Intl Affairs ANC 1989-1994; Sec: Presidential Affairs 1985-1989; Rep: ANC, Nigeria 1976-1978; Political Sec: Office of Pres of ANC, Lusaka 1978; Asst Sec: ANC Revolutionary Ccl, Lusaka 1971; Various positions: ANC, Lon 1967-1970; Sec: African Students Assoc 1961-1962; Delegation Mem: Groote Schuur & Pta Talks 1990; Delegation Head: Inst for a Democratic Alternative for SA, Dakar, Senegal 1987;
Left SA 1962. Went to UK to study. Mobilised intl student community against Apartheid. Military training in the Soviet Union. Sent to Botswana 1973. Had contact with exiled and visiting members of the Black Consciousness Movement. Engaged Botswana govt in discussions to open ANC office in that country. Left Botswana in 1974. Sent to Swaziland for internal mobilisation and creation of underground structures. Sent to Nigeria Dec 1976 as representative of ANC. Assisted students from SA to relocate in an unfamiliar environment. Left Nigeria and returned to Lusaka Feb 1978. Member of delegation that met the SA business community led by Chairman of Anglo American, Gavin Relly, at Mfuwe, Zambia 1985. Led the ANC delegation that held secret talks with the SA Government from 1989 and which led to agreements about the unbanning of the ANC and the release of political prisoners. Participated in all subsequent negotiations leading to the adoption of the interim Constitution for a democratic SA; Joined ANC Youth League in 1956;
Awards: Hon LLD, Glasgow Caledonian Univ. 2000; Hon D, RAU 1999; Hon D, Unisa 1995; Hon LLD, Sussex Univ., UK 1995; Jose Marti Medal, Pres. Fidel Castro 2001; Newsmaker of the Year, Pta Press Assoc 2000; Hon Mem, Zulu Royal Family 1998;
Personal: b 18 Jun 1942, Idutywa, E Cape to Epainette Mbeki & Govan; m 1974 to Zanele Dlamini; Educ: UOL: BEcon 1962; Sussex Univ, UK: MEcon 1966; St Johns HS, Umtata
Contact: Pvt Bag X1000, Pta, 0001

Deputy President
Jacob Zuma
Current: Exec Dep Pres: National Assembly, SA Govt 1999-; Dep Pres: SA 1999-; Dep Pres: ANC 1997-; Chair: South African National Aids Ccl; Mem: ANC Natl Exec Comm 1977-; Mem: ANC 1958-; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1999-; Leader: Government Business in the National Assembly Jun 1997-; Chancellor: University of Zululand; Patron: Jacob Zuma Bursary Fund; Patron: Peace & Reconstruction Foundation; Patron: Albert Luthuli Education & Development Foundation;
Previous: Natl Chair: ANC Ccl 1995-1997; Chair: ANC, KZN 1994-; Chair: Southern Natal Region 1990-; Chair: ANC Negotiation Commission-; MEC: Economic Affairs & Tourism, KZN Prov Gov 1994-1999; Chief Rep: ANC (the year of the signing of the Nkomati Accord between the Mozambican & South African governments), Mozambique1984; Dep Chief Rep: ANC; Chief: Intelligence Dept, ANC HO, Lusaka, Zambia 1987-; Head: Underground Structures; Dep Sec-Gen: ANC 1991-; Active mem: Umkhonto We Sizwe 1962-; Mem: ANC 1958-;
Influenced by family member heavily involved in Trade Unions, he was involved in politics at an early age; Arrested with group of 45 recruits near Zeerust in NW Province 1963. Convicted of conspiring to overthrow the government. Sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on Robben Island 1963; After release in Dec 1973, he mobilised internal resistance and was instrumental in re-establishment of ANC underground structures in KZN 1974-75; Left SA in 1975. For the next 12 years he was based in Swaziland and then Mozambique. His focus, along with Pres Mbeki & the others, was give leadership to ANC structures operating within SA; In 1976 he dealt with 100 of young exiles who left SA in the wake of Soweto uprising in June 1976; He lived in several African countries working for ANC. Rose rapidly through ranks to become member of NEC of ANC in 1977; Served on ANC's Political-Military Comm & Political Comm when formed in the mid 80's; Returned to SA to begin process of negotiation following unbanning of the ANC in 1990. Instrumental in organising Groote-Schuur Minute btn FW de Klerk-led Govt & ANC. This outlined important decisions about return of exiles & release of political prisoners; then deployed in KZN to play role in bringing peace & stability to the volatile region in 1994. Nominated as ANC candidate for Premiership of the KZN Province. Then apptd MEC of Econ Affairs & Tourism for KZN prov gov; Elected Natl Chairperson of ANC & Chairperson of ANC in KZN in Dec 1994;
Awards: : Hon DPhil, Medunsa 2001; Hon DLitt, UFH 2001; Hon DAdmin, Unizul 2001; Nelson Mandela Award for Outstanding Leadership 1998;
Personal: b 12 Apr 1942, Inkandla, KZN
Contact: Pvt Bag X1000, Pta 0001

Essop Pahad
PhD (History); MA (African Pol); BA (Pol Sc);
Current: Min: Presidency 1999-; Chair: SA Democracy Educ Trust; Mem: ANC NEC; MP: ANC: Natl Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Exco Mem: Tvl Indian Youth Congress 1961-1964; Dep Min: Office of Exec Dep Pres 1996-1999; Parliamentary Cclr: Dep Presidency 1994-1996; Sec: Tvl Indian Youth Congress 1958-1964; SACP Rep: Ed Ccl of World Marxist Review 1975-1985; Mem: Central Comm & Pol Bureau of SACP; Banned for 5 years & went into exile Dec 1964; in exile served on leadership structures of ANC & SACP; in this period he also graduated from the Inst of Social Science in Moscow & completed a short military course in Angola; served on the regional command of the ANC's Pol & Military Ccl in Lon until returning to SA in 1990;
Works: Author of numerous articles: SACP & ANC journals;
Personal: b 21 Jun 1939, Schweizer-Reneke; m to Meg; 1s: Govan; 1d: Amira; Educ: Sussex Univ, UK: PhD (History); Sussex Univ, UK: MA (African Pol); Wits Univ: BA (Pol Sc);
Contact: Pvt Bag X1000, Pta 0001

Agriculture & Land
Thoko Didiza
Secretarial Course; Cert PR; Dipl Personnel & Training; Dipl Journalism; Dipl Bus & Fin Management;
Current: Min: Agric & Land Affairs Jun 1999-; Mem: ANC Natl Working Comm 1997-; Mem: ANC NEC 1997-;
Previous: Dep Min: Agriculture 1994-1999; Natl Dep Gen-Sec: SA Ccl of World Affiliated YWCA 1993-1994; Co-ordinator: Natl Youth Programme, SA Ccl of World Affiliated YWCA 1989-1993; Prog Officer: Diakonia's Social Action Network Unit 1987-1989; Receptionist/ Sec: Diakonia Ecumenical Church Agency, Dbn 1985-1986; Legal Sec: Mafika Mbuli & Co Attorneys 1984; Mem: Natl Gen Sec Women's Natl Coalition 1992-1994; Mem: Ccl Natl Youth Dev Forum 1993; Facilitator : Intl Youth Leadership Training, Oslo, Norway 1992; Exec Mem: Women's Dev Bank 1991; Treasurer: Natals Women's Org 1986; Exec mem: SA Ccl of Churches Dev & Training Ministries 1993; Alt Mem Exec: SA Ccl of Churches 1993; Block Comm Mem: Vosloorus Civic Assoc Block 1992; Exec Mem: Interchurch Youth SA Ccl of Churches 1989; Mem: Women's Advisory Comm, SA Ccl of Churches 1987;
Personal: b 2 Jun 1965; Educ: Sached: Secretarial Course 1983; Coll Exec Educ: Cert PR 1990; Coll Exec Educ: Dipl Personnel & Training 1989; Coll Birnam Bus: Dipl Journalism 1991; Coll Exec Educ: Dipl Bus & Fin Management 1993; Ohlange HS, Inanda, Dbn 1981; Rec: singing, football supporter, cinema, music, reading;
Contact: Pvt Bag X250, Pta 0001

Arts & Culture
Pallo Jordan
Current: Min: Arts and Culture Dept 2004-; Chair: Portfolio Comm on Foreign Affairs; Chair: Constitutional Review Comm; Mem: ANC NEC 1991-; MP: ANC Natl Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Mem: ANC Elections Comm 1992; Mem: ANC Civil Service Comm 1992; Mem: ANC Natl Working Comm 1991; Dir: Info & Publicity, ANC 1989; Mem: ANC Constitutional Comm 1986; Mem: Research Unit, Dept of Info & Publicity, ANC, Lon 1975; Min: Environmental Affairs & Tourism 1996-1999; Min: Posts & Telecommunications & Broadcasting, Govt of National Unity 1994-1996; Convenor: NEC Strategy & Tactics Comm 1985-1989; Admin Sec: ANC NEC, Lusaka, Zambia 1985-1988; Sec: Info, ANC, Lusaka, Zambia 1988; Dep Sec: Info, ANC, Lusaka, Zambia 1985; Head: Research Unit, DIP, Lusaka 1980; Head: Radio Freedom, Luanda 1977-1979; Mem: NEC Sub-Comm on Constitutional Guidelines 1985-1989; Mem: NEC Sub-Comm on Negotiations 1985-1989; Mem: Natl Prep Comm for Kabwe Conference 1984-1985;
Joined ANC in 1960;
Works: Author of Numerous publications & papers
Personal: b 22 May 1942, Kroonstad to Archibald Campbell Jordan & Priscilla Phycilla (neé Ntantala); m Sep 1972 to Carolyn Roth; Educ: Athlone HS;
Contact: PO Box 15, CT, 8000

Ivy Matsepe Casaburri
BA; MA; PhD (Sociology);
Current: Min: Communications 1999-; Mem: Public Broadcasters Intl Steering Comm; Founder Mem: Women's Dev Foundation; Mem Board of Governors: Intl Dev Research Centre, Canada; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1999-; Chair: Ministerial Oversight Comm of African Telecomms Ministers 1999-; Patron: Eskom/Sowetan Woman of the Year Award; Patron: Maokeng Community Development Trust, Free State; Patron: Shoprite/Checkers SABC Woman of the Year Award;
Previous: Chair: SABC; Chair: Sentech Ltd; Board Mem: CSIR 1993-1996; Exec Dir: Educ Dev Trust 1990-1993; Mem: Working Group of National Forum on Science & Technology (NSTF); Mem: Research & Technology Foresight Board; Premier: Free State 1997-1999; Lect: Rutgers Univ, USA; Teacher: KZN; Various positions: UN Inst for Namibia, Lusaka, Zambia; CCl Mem: UDW; Lived in exile for 25 yrs
Personal: b 18 Sep 1937, Free State; Educ: UFH: BA ; First Univ, USA: MA ; First Univ, USA: PhD (Sociology);
Contact: Pvt Bag X882, Pta 0001

Correctional Services
Ngconde Balfour
BA (Sport & Rec Management); Dipl Primary Educ; Grad Dipl Sport & Recreation;
Current: Min: Correctional Services Dept 2004-; MP: ANC: Natl Assembly 1999-;
Previous: Natl Dir: Rugby Dev; Min: Dept of Sport & Recreation 1999-2004; Teacher: Various 1974-1985; Head: Sports Admin, UWC; Intl Dir: Cape Town 2004 Olympic Bid; Mem: Portfolio Comm on Sport & Rec; Mem: Portfolio Comm on Foreign Affairs; Mem: Portfolio Comm on Public Accts; Founder Mem: Natl Sports Cccl; Mem: Middledrift Progressive Teacher's Union;
Student activist AZASCO UFH & Lovedale Coll; UDF political activist, political detainee; Worked for Archbishop of CT for 5 years;
Personal: b 23 Aug 1954; 3d; Educ: UFH: BA (Sport & Rec Management); Coll Lovedale: Dipl Primary Educ; Univ Victoria, Toronto: Grad Dipl Sport & Recreation; Jabavu HS;
Contact: Pvt Bag X869, Pta, 0001

Mosiuoa Lekota
Current: Min: Defence Jun 1999-; Chair: ANC 1997-; Mem: ANC NEC 1991-; Mem: ANC Natl Working Comm; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1996-;
Previous: Chair: Natl Ccl of Provinces 1997-1999; Mem: Sec, ANC Election Commission 1992; Chief: ANC Intelligence 1991-1992; Premier: Free State Province, Free State 1994-1996; Organiser: SA Student's Org (SASO) 1974-1975; Organiser: ANC, N Free State 1990-; Convenor: ANC, Southern Natal 1990-; Public Sec: UDF 1983-;
Sent to Robben Island Prison for conspiring to commit acts endangering maintenance of law & order 1974-82; detained & sentenced in Delmas trial 1985; released after the Appeal Court reviewed the sentence 1989;
Works: Contributor: 30 Years of the Freedom Charter (1985); Author: Prison Letters to my Daughter;
Personal: b 13 Aug 1948, Senekal Dist; m to Cynthia; St Francis Coll, Marianhill 1969;
Contact: Pvt Bag X427, Pta 0001

Naledi Pandor
BA; Cert Civil Engrg; Dipl Educ; MA; MA;
Current: Min: Educ Dept 2004-; Dep Chair: Joint Educ Trust Board 1998-; Chancellor: Cape Technikon 2000-; MP: ANC: Natl Assembly 1994-; Mem: Assoc for Academic Development; Mem: SA Applied Linguistics Assoc; Trustee: Young People's Theatre Educ Trust; Trustee: JW Jagger Bequest Comm;
Previous: Chair: National Council of Provinces, CT 1999-2004; Chair: ANC Athlone Branch 1991-1992; Vice-Chair: Alpha Early Learning Centre 1987-1988; Chair: Tertiary Education Fund of SA; Exec Dir: Desmond Tutu Educ Trust 1993-1994; Asst Dir: ASP: UCT 1992-1993; Natl Dir: Black Management Forum 1993-; Mem: Univ Ccl of Fort Hare; Snr Lect: Academic Support Programme: UCT 1992-1993; Co-ordinator: English for academic purposes: UCT 1989-1991; Snr Lect: English for academic purposes: UCT 1989-1991; Teacher: Seepapitso Secondary School, Botswana 1981-1984; Dep Chief Whip: ANC: National Assembly 1995-; Academic Registrar:; Academic Registrar:; Teacher: Ernest Bevin School, London 1980-; Youth Worker: Portobello Project, Lon 1980-; Lect: English: Taung Coll of Education 1984-; Snr Lect: English: Taung Coll of Education 1985-; Head: English Dept: Taung Coll of Education 1986-; Mem Select Comms: Elected to commission exploring feasibility of a 2nd English medium primary school, Mmabatho 1988-1989; Mem: English Academy of South Africa; Regional Chair: Assoc for Academic Development 1990-;
Personal: b 7 Dec 1953; Educ: Univ Bots: BA; Univ Bots: Cert Civil Engrg; UOL: Dipl Educ; UOL: MA; Stell Univ: MA;
Contact: PO Box 15, CT 8000

Environment & Tourism
Marthinus van Schalkwyk
BA Hons (Pol Sc); BProc; MA (Pol Sc);
Current: Min: Environmental Affairs & Tourism 2004-; Natl Leader: NNP Sep 1997-;
Previous: Media Dir: NP 1994; Premier: W Cape Provincial Govt, W Cape 2002-2004; Mem: Parliament for Randburg 1990-1994; Mem: Parliamentary Portfolio Comm on Communications; Federal Youth Leader: NP; Chair: Youth for SA; Natl Pres: Afrikaanse Studentebond; Pres: Student's Representative Ccl; Lecturer: Pol Sci, RAU & Univ Stell;
Re-elected as Mem of the Natl Assembly in April 19994 election; NP representative at the Intl Democratic Union & the African Dialogue Group; Military Service 1978-79;
Awards: Abe Bailey Bursary to Great Britain & Europe; Academic Achievement, Tvl Lawyer's Assoc;
Personal: b 10 Nov 1959, ; to Suzette; Educ: RAU: BA Hons (Pol Sc); RAU: BProc ; RAU: MA (Pol Sc); Pietersburg HS;
Contact: Pvt Bag X9043 , CT 8000; Tel: (021) 4834705 Fax: (021) 483-4705

Trevor Manuel
Exec Prog Course; Natl Dipl Civil & Struct Engrg;
Current: Min: Finance 1996-; Chair: Dev Comm, IMF 2002-; Mem: ANC Natl Working Comm 1991-; Mem: ANC NEC 1991-; Governor on the Board: Dev Bank of Southern Africa; Governor on the Board: African Dev Bank Group; Governor on the Board: World Bank; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Mem: UDF NEC 1983-1990; Min: Trade & Industry 1994-1996; Head: ANC Dept of Econ Planning 1991-1994; Regional Sec: UDF 1983-1990; Mgr: Policy on Entrepreneurial & Community Dev: Mobil Foundation 1989; Gen Sec: Cape Areas Housing Action Comm 1981; Construction Technician: Various 1974-1981; Special Envoy to Sec-Gen: UN Conference on Fin for Dev, Monterrey, Mexico 2002; Chair: Board of Governors, IMF, Prague 2000; Advisory Comm Mem: UN Initiative for Trade Efficiency 1994;
Repeatedly detained without trial or placed under house arrest, spending a total 35 months in detention for these activities 1985-1990;
Awards: Africa Prize (jointly with former Finance Minister Derek Keys), German Africa Foundation 1994; Global Leader for Tomorrow, World Economic Forum 1994;
Personal: b 31 Jan 1956, CT to Abraham James Manuel & Philma van Söhnen; Educ: Univ Stanford Natl, Singapore: Exec Prog Course; Tech Peninsula Pen Tech: Natl Dipl Civil & Struct Engrg; Harold Cressy HS;
Contact: Pvt Bag X115, Pta 0001

Foreign Affairs
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
BSc (Zoology & Botany); MBBch; Dipl (Tropical Child Health);
Current: Min: Minister of Foreign affairs 1999-; Mem: Gender Advisory Committee (Codesa); Mem: ANC Natl Exec Comm;
Previous: Dep Chair: UN AIDS Board 1995; Chair: ANC Women's League (Southern Natal) 1991-1993; Chair: ANC Regional Political Comm, UK 1988-1989; Vice-Chair: ANC Regional Political Comm, UK 1978-1988; Chair: ANC Youth Section, UK 1977-1978; Vice-Pres: SA Students Org 1976; Chair: ANC Health Comm (Southern Natal)-; Dir: Health Refugee Trust, Health & Dev Org, UK 1988-1990; Min: Health 1994-1999; Research Scientist: Medical Research Council, Durban 1991-1994; House Officer: ANC Health Dept, Lusaka, Zambia 1989-1990; Paediatrician: Whittington Hospital, UK 1987-1989; Med Officer: Mbabane Govt Hospital, Swaziland 1980-1985; House Officer: Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital, Berkshire, UK 1979-1980; House Officer: Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK 1978-1979; Research Technician: UNDW Med School, Dbn 1971-1972; Chancellor: ML Sultan Tech, Dbn 1996; Mem: ANC Exec Comm (Southern Natal) 1990-1993; Mem: Steering Comm, SA Natl Aids Co-ordinating Comm 1992; Board Mem: Centre for Social Dev Studies, UND 1992; Trustee: Health Systems Trust 1992;
Awards: Hon LLD, Univ Bristol, UK 1996; Hon LLD, UND 1995; Women Who Make a Difference 2002;
Personal: b 27 Jan 1949; Educ: Unizul: BSc (Zoology & Botany) 1971; Univ Bristol, UK: MBBch 1978; Univ Liverpool, UK: Dipl (Tropical Child Health) 1986; Amanzimtoti Training Coll, KZN 1967;
Contact: Pvt Bag X152, Pta 0001

Manto Tshabalala-Msimang
BA; MD; MPH; Dipl Obsterics & Gynaecology;
Current: Min: Health Jun 1999-; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-; Mem: ANC Natl Exec Comm; Mem: African & Middle East Regions:Steering Comm of Parliamentarians for Popul & Devlp;
Previous: Chair: Portfolio Comm on Health, Natl Assembly, CT 1994-2000; Dir: Training, Natl Progressive Primary Health Care Network 1991-1994; Dep Min: Justice 1996-1999; Co-ordinator: ANC Health Plan 1991-1994; Dep Sec: Dept Health, Human Resources Dev & Deployment for ANC, Tanzania/Zambia 1979-1990; Head: Health Training Programme for Natl Liberation Movements, Org of African Unity/UN Devlp Programme, Tanzania 1976-1979; Med Supt: Lobatse Hospital, Botswana 1973-1976; Registrar: Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dar-Es-Salaam 1970-1973; Natl Co-ordinator:; Natl Sec: Policy sub-Comm; Natl Exec: ANC Children, Tanzania 1981-; Mem: Natl Exec Comm ANC Women's League 1991-1994; Research conducted: Survey of nutritional status of ANC children in Tanzania (1981). Study of prevalence of chlorquinine-resistant malaria within ANC communities in Angola, Mozambique & Tanzania (1983). Mental Health Survey within ANC Communities in Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania & Zambia (1986). Evaluation of Ghandi Settlement Clinic in Durban (1990);
Works: Directory of Community-based Women's Organisations in Natal (1993); Natl Directory of Community-based Health Workers (1992); ANC Women's League submission to the Ad-Hoc Select Comm on Abortion & Sterilisation Act No.2 of 1975;
Personal: b 9 Oct 1940, Dbn to Junius Mali & Ethel Mamati (neé Makho Botloane); m 10 Oct 1982 to Msimang Mendi Themba; Educ: UFH: BA 1961; First Leningrad Med Inst: MD 1969; Univ Antwerp: MPH 1980; Univ Dar Es Salaam Medical School: Dipl Obsterics & Gynaecology 1972; Rec: cooking, music, reading, walking;
Contact: Pvt Bag X399, Pta 0001

Home Affairs
Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula
Dipl Prim Teachers; Dipl Proj Manag;
Current: Min: Home Affairs 2004-; Pres: ANC Women's League 2004-; Chair: Joint Standing Committee on Defence 1994-; Mem: Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence 1994-; Mem: Joint Standing Committee on Defence 1994-; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-; Chief Whip: Majority Party 1994-;
Previous: Dep Chair: ANC Political Committee in Parliament 2001-; Mem: Constitutional Assembly 1994-1996; Sec-Gen: ANC Women's League 1993-1995; Mem: Natl Exec Comm of ANC 1993-1995; Mem: ANC Women's League 1990-1993; Mem: National Executive ANC 1990-1993; Natl Organiser: ANC Women's League 1991-1993; Asst Dir: Masazane Open School 1982-1984; Founder Mem: EL Domestic Workers Assoc (ELDWA) 1982-; Rep: ANC Women's Section to Pan Africa women's Organisation (PAWO) 1988-1990; Rep: ANC Women's Section to the peoples Republic of Angola 1988-1990; Activist: ANC: Political Military Structures 1986-1988; Youth Worker: Target Timothy 1981-1982; Head: Investigating Commission: Desertions of ANC MK member to UNHCR, Angola 1984-; Rep: ANC Women's section to the People's Republic of Angola; Dep Min: Home Affairs; Trainee: Youth Leadership & Development (NYLTP); Teacher: Bensonvale Jnr Sec School 1978-; Teacher: St Matthews Teacher's Training College 1979-; Left SA; underwent military training in Angola and the USSR 1984; trained on political and military structures USSR 1985; deployed in SA to help rebuild ANC structures 1990; Worked w. open schools to help students who were matric drop-outs from disadvantaged communities. Attended: Equality Development & Peace seminar in Nairobi 1985, 2nd ANC Consultative seminar in Kabwe 1985, PAWO Regional seminar on emancipation of women in Lusaka 1989, Malibongwe conference in Amsterdam 1990, World Racism conference in Dbn 2001. Worked closely w. women's organisations inside & outside SA;
Personal: b 13 Nov 1956, CT; m to Charles Nqakula; Educ: Coll Bensonvale Teacher Training: Dipl Prim Teachers; CUSO Canadian Univ Services Overseas: Dipl Proj Manag; Mount Arthur High School;
Contact: Pvt Bag X741, Pta 0001

Lindiwe Sisulu
MA (History); BA Hons (History); MPhil (Women & the liberation struggle in SA); BA (Educ); H Dipl Ed;
Current: Min: Housing Dept 2004-; Mem: Parliamentary Joint Standing Comm on Intelligence 1995-; Mem: ANC Natl Exec Comm; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Dir: Govan Mbeki Research Fellowship, UFH 1993; Min: Intelligence 2001-2004; Dep Min: Home Affairs in SA Gov 1996-2000; Administrator: ANC Dept of Intelligence & Security 1992; Chief Admin: ANC at Convention for a Democratic SA (CODESA) 1991; PA: ANC Head of Intelligence, Jacob Zuma 1990; Chief Examiner: History for Junior Certificate Examinations Syndicate in Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland 1985-1987; Lect: Manzini Teachers Training College 1985-1987; Sub-editor: The Times of Swaziland, Mbabane, Swaziland 1983; Lect: Univ of Swaziland, Dept of History 1982; Teacher: Manzini Central HS 1981; Intelligence specialist: Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) 1977-1979; Head: ANC Intelligence 1990-; Mem: Mngmnt Comm, Policing Org & Mngmnt Ccl PDM, Wits 1993; Consultant: Natl Children's Rights Comm, UNESCO 1992;
Detained for political activities, 1975-76. Went into exile. Returned to SA 1990;
Works: Author of Natl Children's Rights Comm, UNESCO: Women Working Conditions in South Africa, SA Situation Analysis (1992); Contributed chapter of Chapter: Themes of the 20th Century South Africa (Oxford University Press, 1991); Author of Pamphlet: South African Women in Agricultural Sector (York University, 1990);
Works: Author of Natl Children's Rights Comm, UNESCO: Women Working Conditions in South Africa, SA Situation Analysis (1992); Contributed chapter of Chapter: Themes of the 20th Century South Africa (Oxford University Press, 1991); Author of Pamphlet: South African Women in Agricultural Sector (York University, 1990);
Personal: b 10 May 1954, Jhb; Educ: Univ York: MA (History) 1989; Unisa: BA Hons (History) 1981; Univ York: MPhil (Women & the liberation struggle in SA) 1989; Uniswa: BA (Educ) 1980; University of Swaziland Uniswa: H Dipl Ed; Waterford Kamhlaba, Swaziland 1971;
Contact: PO Box 56450, Arcadia, Pta 0007

Ronnie Kasrils
Current: Mem: UN Advisory Board on Water & Sanitation 2004-; Mem: Central Comm SACP 1991-; Mem: ANC NEC 1987-; Min: Dept of Intelligence 2004-; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Exec Mem: ANC Pol & Military Comm, Lusaka 1985-1990; Min: Dept of Water Affairs & Forestry 1999-2004; Dep Min: Dept of Defence 1994-1999; Campaigns Head: ANC, Jhb 1991-1994; High Command: Umkhonto we Sizwe 1983-1989; Head: Military Intelligence Umkhonto We Sizwe 1983-1989; Regional Commr: ANC, Maputo 1980-1983; Regional Commissar: ANC, Angola 1979; Chief Political Instructor: Umkhonto we Sizwe, Angola 1978; Commander: Umkonto We Sizwe, Natal Regional Command 1961-1963; TV & Film Dir: Lever's Brother's Advertising Div, Dbn 1960-1962; Sec: ANC-aligned Congress of Democrats, Natal 1961-1962; Film Scriptwriter: Alpha Film Studios, Jhb 1958-1960; Mem: Internal Re-organisation Comm od SACP & ANC, Lon 1965-1977; Exec Mem: Anti-Apartheid Movement, UK 1966-1970; Mem: ANC Publicity Dept, Tanzania 1963-1965;
Joined ANC in 1960. Left SA for Odessa where he completed a general military course & specialist course in military engineering 1963. Served ANC for 27 years, based in London, Luanda, Maputo, Swaziland, Botswana & Lusaka;
Works: Author of Autobiography: Armed & Dangerous (1993); Author: Bertrand Russell's America Vol2 (1984); Author: Bertrand Russell's America Vol1 (1973); Ed of Book: Dear Bertrand Russell (1969); Author of articles on military, Middle East, water & forestry: Various publications & papers; Poet (under pseudonym of ANC Khumalo) of Anthology: Poets to the People;
Personal: b 15 Nov 1938, Jhb to Isadore Kasrils & René (neé Cohen); m 12 Dec 1964 to Eleanor Logan; Educ: KES, Jhb; Rec: watching soccer, gardening, golf, music, reading, swimming; Clubs: Orlando Pirates Football, Parliamentary Cricket;
Contact: Pvt Bag X313, Pta, 0001

Justice & Constitutional
Brigitte Mabandla
Current: Min: Justice 2004-; Mem: Community-based Dev Prog (CBDP); Founder mem & mem: Natl Comm for the Rights of the Child (NCRC); Founding Mem & Co-ordinator: research projects on women's & children's rights, Community Law Centre, Univ of W Cape; Mem: Community Based Devlp Programme (CBDP);
Previous: Min: Housing 2003-2004; Dep Min: Arts, Culture, Science & Technology 1995-2003; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-1995; Legal Advisor: ANC Lusaka Legal & Constitutional Affairs Dept 1986-1990; Teacher: Commercial Law, Botswana Institute of Admin & Commerce 1983-1986; Teacher: Law & English, Botswana Polytechnic 1981-1983; Co-ordinator: Youth, Institute of Race Relations, Dbn 1974-1975; Mem: ANC's Constitutional Comm 1990-1994; Founder mem: Women's Coalition; Co-ordinator: Gender Project for promotion of & research on women's rights; Founder & Co-ordinator: Research Projects, Women & Children's Rights, Community Law Centre, UWC; Submission of the clause on children's right: Convenor: Legal Comm, NCRC;
Has worked closely with NGOs & experts in Human Rights viz; minority rights, children's rights, disabled people's rights &, in particular, women's rights. Worked with the Global Network for the advancement of Women's Human Rights, preparing for the 1993 Vienna Conference on the UN Charter Collaboration with the UN Division for the Advancement of Women. Undertook a 10-day study trip to study the UN Agenda for the Advancement of Women 1990. Participated at the UN meeting of experts for the Development of a Global Human Rights Education Programme in Bratislava, Yugoslavia 1992. Undertook educational tours to the following countries: Sweden, Canada, Germany & USA 1988-93;
Personal: b 23 Nov 1948; Educ: Unza: LLB 1979;

Membathisi Mdladlana
BA (Educ & Xhosa); Cert Primary Educ; Dipl Prim Educ;
Current: Min: Labour Jul 1998-; Chair: Peninsula Region of the ANC 1998-; Dep Chair: Parliamentary Scout Union of SA 1996-; Mem: ANC Exec Comm 1998-; Mem: ANC W Cape Prov Exec Comm 1998-; MP: ANC 1994-; Elder & Session Clerk: Gugulethu Presbyterian Church 1980-;
Previous: Pres: SA Democratic Trade Union1998; Dep Chair: Natl Portfolio Com on Educ 1996-1998; Chair: Constitutional Assembly Comm 1994-1996; Natl Pres : Democratic Teachers Union 1990-1994; Vice-Chair: Dorothy Zihlangu Branch of the ANC, Gugulethu 1990-1992; Chair: Democratic Teachers Union 1985-1990; Mem: Home Affairs Portfolio Comm 1994-1998; Mem: Natl Parliamentary Portfolio Comm on Educ 1994-1996; Mem: EC ANC, Natl Educ Crisis Comm 1985-1986; Whip: Parliamentary Programming Comm 1995-1998; Principal: Andile Primary School, New Crossroads, CT 1982-1994; Dep Principal: Vukukhanye Primary School, Gugulethu, CT 1977-1981; Teacher: Vukukhanye Primary School, Gugulethu, Cape Town 1972-1977; Regional Org Sec: South Western African Teachers' Assoc 1980-1983;
Addressed:Conference of Natl Educ Assoc of Teachers in Washington DC, USA 1990; Human Rights' teachers in Taipei, Taiwan 1992. Studied USA education system 1996. Study tour to Cuba 1997;
Personal: b 12 May 1952, Keiskamahoek, EC; Educ: Unisa: BA (Educ & Xhosa) 1997; Coll Goodhope of Educ, CT: Cert Primary Educ 1991; Coll Goodhope, CT: Dipl Prim Educ 1993;
Contact: Pvt Bag X499, Pta, 0001

Minerals & Energy
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
BSocSc (Education);
Current: Min: Minerals & Energy Jun 1999-; MP: 1994-; Provincial Vice-Chair: ANC W Cape; Dep Chair: W Cape ANC Prov Exec Comm; Chair: Public Service Select Comm; Mem: ANC Natl Exec Comm 1997-; Mem: Just Exchange; Mem: Women's Dev Foundation;
Previous: Chair: Public Service Portfolio Comm 1994-; Dir: World Univ Services (Funding Agency) 1990-1992; Dir: TEAM (Developmental NGO), CT 1987-1989; Founder & Dir: Young Women's Intl Prog at YWCA: World Office, Geneva 1984-1987; Mem: Select Comm, Reconstruction & Devlp Programme; Dep Min: Dept of Trade & Industry 1996-1999; Management Consultant: Phumelela Services, CT 1993-1994; Teacher: , KZN 1981-1983; Founder Mem: Guguletu Comm Devlp Corp (GCDC)-;
Started own business, Phumelela Services, a mngmnt consulting coy (1993 1994);
Personal: b 3 Nov 1955, KZN; Educ: Univ Lesotho: BSocSc (Education) 1980;
Contact: Pvt Bag X646, Pta 0001

Provincial & Local
Sydney Mufamadi
Current: Min: Provincial & Local Gov Jun 1999-; Mem: Central Comm of SACP & Political Bureau of SACP; Mem: ANC Natl Working Comm; Mem: ANC Natl Exec Comm; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Mem: ANC rep, Transitional Exec Ccl 1993-1994; Sec-Gen: Gen & Allied Workers Union 1984-; Sec-Gen: Gen & Allied Workers Union 1982-; Asst Gen: COSATU 1985-; Public Sec: UDF:Tvl; Min: Safety & Security 1994-1999; Rep: ANC at the Transitional Exec Ccls (TECs), Sub-ccl of Law and Order, Safety and Security in the SA Gov 1993-1994; Academic Registrar: Lamula Secondary School, Meadowlands, Soweto 1980-; Mem: Natl Peace Comm 1991-;
Mem Zoutpansberg Students' Org while at school. Assisted COSAS. Left school & worked at firm of attorneys. Joined Gen & Allied Workers Union .Later worked as a volunteer for this union. Helped organise the launch of the Cosatu 1985. Elected Asst Gen at Cosatu inauguration rally 29 Dec 1985. Named as one of the SACP's 22-person Interim Leadership Group 29 July 1990. Represented the ANC, Codesa Working Group 4;
Personal: b 28 Feb 1959, Alexandra; m to Nomsa; 1s, 2d;
Contact: Pvt Bag X802, Pta 0001

Public Enterprises
Alec Erwin
BEcon Hons;
Current: Min: Public Enterprises Dept 2004-; Mem: Dev & Reconstruction Comm, Natl Peace Accord Trust; Mem: ANC NEC; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Min: Minister of Trade & Industry 1996-2004; Dep Min: Dept of Finance 1994-1996; Natl Exec Officer: Natl Union of Metalworkers 1988-1993; Educ Sec: Cosatu 1986-1988; Educ Sec: Fed SA Trade Unions (Fosatu) 1983-1985; Branch Sec: Natl Union of Texile Workers 1981-1983; Gen Sec: Fed SA Trade Unions (Fosatu) 1979-1983; Gen Sec: Trade Union Advisory & Co-ordinating Ccl (TUACC) 1977-1979; Lect: Dept Econ, NU 1971-1978; Visiting Lect: Centre of Southern African Studies, Univ York 1974-1975; Pres: UN Conference on Trade & Dev (UNCTAD) 1996-2000; Branch Exec Mem: ANC W Areas Branch 1990-1991; Interim Exec Mem: ANC Southern Natal Region 1989; Mem: Inst of Industrial Educ 1973-1975;
Personal: b 17 Jan 1948; Educ: NU: BEcon Hons 1978; Durban HS;
Contact: Pvt Bag X247, Pta, 0001

Public Service & Administration
Geraldine Fraser- Moleketi
Current: Min: Dept of Public Service & Admin Jun 1999-; Mem: SACP Central Comm; Mem: ANC NEC; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-; Chair: Fourth Pan-African Conference of Public Service Mins; Vice-Pres: Intl Inst of Admin Sciences; Mem: UN Advisory & Facilitation Group for Tech Assistance to Dev Countries; Chair: Innovation Comm, Commonwealth Assoc of Public Admin & Management; Board Mem: Commonwealth Assoc of Public Admin & Management; SA Rep: Exec Comm & Governing Board, African Training & Research Centre in Admin (CAFRAD); Patron: DaimlerChrysler's Toys for Africa Project;
Previous: Dep Chair: SA Communist Party 1988-2002; Min: Dept of Welfare & Population Dev 1996-1999; Dep Min: Dept of Welfare & Population Dev 1995-1996; Co-Dep Elections Co-ordinator: ANC Natl Elections Commission 1993-1994; Natl Administrator: SACP 1990-1992; Various positions: Lutheran World Federation 1986-1990; Natl Admin & Office Asst: Union of Democratic Univ Staff Assoc; Rapporteur-Gen: 2nd Specialised Intl Conference, India 2002; SA Rep: CAFRAD Comm that developed Charter for Public Service in Africa, adopted at 3rd Conference for African Ministers, Namibia 2001; Mem: Lutheran World Fed 1986-1990; Natl Co-ordinator: Prep Comm, Fourth World Women's Conference; Mem: UN Dev Project, Regional Human Dev Report for SADC; Mem: Constitutional Comm, Natl Assembly; Mem: Constitutional Amendment Comm, Natl Assembly; Chair: Inter-Ministerial Comm on Young People at Risk; Chair: Sub-Comm on Rules of Natl Assembly; Dep Leader: SA Delegation, Fourth World Women's Conference; Negotiator: Natl Health Forum; Mem: Management Comm, Codesa; Mem : Patriotic Health Forum-;
Left SA to join ANC in exile 1980. Spent 8 of 10 years in exile in Zimbabwe. Returned to SA to set up first legal Natl Office of SACP after its unbanning Feb 1990. Played a central role in policy dev on the transformation of welfare system in SA and mainstreaming of gender into gov programmes. Led the process that culminated in the ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, by the SA Gov. Participated & delivered papers in numerous events & conferences on social dev, gender equality & transformation of public services;
Awards: Fellowship to Harvard Univ, Inst of Politics, Kennedy School of Gov;
Personal: b 24 Aug 1960, Landsdowne; m to Jabulani Moleketi; Educ: Livingstone HS, Claremont, CT
Contact: Pvt Bag X884, Pta, 0001

Public Works
Stella Sigcau

Current:Min: Dept of Public Works 1999-; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Mem: Sub-Ccl on Foreign Affairs, Transitional Exec Ccl 1993; Min: Public Enterprises Dept 1994-1999; Leader: Transkei Natl Independence Party 1987-1990; Prime Minister: Transkei 1987; Min: Post & Telecommunications, Transkei Govt 1981-1987; Min: Dept of Interior Affairs, Transkei Govt 1976-1981; Min: Public Works, Educ & Interior, Transkei Govt 1968-1974; MP: Lusikisiki 1968; Teacher: Various schools, KZN 1960-1968; Transkei Rep: USA/ SA Leadership Exchange Prog 1974; Cape Traditional Leaders Rep: Multi-Party Negotiating Process, World Trade Centre;
Active in various women's orgs, eg Zenzele; Keen promoter of rural dev projects;
Personal: b 4 Jan 1937 to Botha Sigcau; m 1962 to Ronald Tshabalala (late); Educ: UFH: BA 1959; Coll Lovedale: Dipl Teaching 1954; Rec: tapestry, reading;
Contact: Pvt Bag X890, Pta 0001

Safety & Security
Charles Nqakula
Current: Min: Safety & Security 2002-; Natl Chair: SACP 1999-; Mem: ANC NEC 1994-; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Mem: SACP Pol Comm; Mem: SACP Interim Leadership Group & Secretariat; Dep Min: Dept of Home Affairs, Pta 2001-2002; Parliamentary Cclr: Office of the Press 1999-2001; Gen Sec: SACP 1993-1999; Dep Gen-Sec: SACP 1991-1993; Publicity Sec: UDF 1983; Founder: Veritas News Agency, Zwelitsha 1982; Journalist: Daily Dispatch, EL 1976-1981; Political Reporter: Imvo Zabantsundu, King Williamstown 1973; Journalist: Midland News, Cradock 1966; Clerk: Dept of Bantu Educ; Convenor: SACP Natl Organising Comm; Vice-Pres: Writer's Assoc of SA 1979; Vice-Pres: Union of Black Journalists 1976-1975; Vice-Pres: Media Workers' Assoc of SA; Placed under a banning order 1976-1981; revoked banning order in 1982 because his village fell into Ciskei, which became independent in 1981; Nqakula was declared a prohibited immigrant unable to enter SA territory; Frequently detained either by the SA or Ciskeian authorities; Arrested in EL for being in SA without a Visa 1983; by this time he was an underground operative for the ANC, specialising in propaganda; Left SA, travelled to Lesotho, Tanzania & Zambia 1984; Underwent military training in Angola & joined MK; Travelled to the Soviet Union & East Germany for further military training; Infiltrated back into SA as one of the Commanders of Operation Vula, with a mission to build viable underground & military structures & served as Commander in the Western Cape 1988; Granted amnesty by the government 1991;
Works: Author of Xhosa poetry: Ukanyo;
Awards: Freedom of Buffalo City, EL 2002;
Personal: b 13 Sep 1942; Educ: Lovedale HS, 1963; Rec: composes choral music, writes poetry;
Contact: Pvt Bag X463, Pta 0001; Tel: (012) 339-2800

Science & Technology
Mosibudi Mangena
MSc (Appl Maths); BSc Hons;
Current: Min: Science & Technology 2004-;
Previous: Chair: Black Consciousness Movement of Azania 1982-1994; Regional Chair: BVM(A) 1981; Dep Min: Education 2001-2004; Founding Commander-in-Chief: Azanian Natl Liberation Army 1981-; Natl Organiser: Black People's Convention 1972; Community Dev Volunteer & Literacy Promoter: , Winterveld 1972-;
Arrested 1973 & imprisoned on Robben Island 1973-78. Under house arrest in Mahwelereng Township before going into exile to Botswana 1981. From there he made visits to SA to BCM(A) underground operatives. Led several BCM(A) & joint AZAPO-BCM(A) delegations to meet heads of States.;
Works: Author of Book: A Twin World (1996); Author of Book: Quest for True Humanity (1996); Author of Book: On Your Own (1989); on the Liberation Struggle: Several papers & articles;
Personal: b 7 Aug 1947, Tzaneen to Tebele Rephard Mangena & Tlodipyane (neé Makwela); m to Thabile Khubeka; 1s, 1d; Educ: Unisa: MSc (Appl Maths); Unisa: BSc Hons; Wallmansthal Sec S; Rec: table tennis, tennis, watching soccer;
Contact: Pvt Bag X895, Pta 0001

Social Development
Zola Skweyiya
Current: Min: Dept of Social Dev 1999-; Chair: UN Commission for Social Dev; Chair: ANC Constitution Comm; Mem: ANC Natl Working Comm 1999-; Mem: ANC NEC 1991-; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-; Chancellor: Technikon SA 2001-; Mem: Board of Trustees, Natl Commission for the Rights of Children; Co-ordinator: ANC Civil Service Unit;
Previous: Mem: ANC Negotiations Comm 1999; Min: Dept of Public Service & Admin 1994-1999; Head: ANC Legal & Constitutional Affairs Dept, Jhb 1990-1994; Head: ANC Legal & Constitutional Affairs Dept, Lusaka, Zambia 1985-1990; Rep: ANC at OUA 1982-1985; Founder: ANC Branch, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 1985; ANC Rep: UN Commission for Human Rights (annually) 1984-1993; Founding Mem: SA Legal Defence Fund; Founding Mem: Centre for Dev Studies, UWC;
Joined the ANC 1956. Left SA for military training. Worked for the ANC in various offices & capacities. Returned from exile 1990;
Personal: b 14 Apr 1942, CT to Winnie Skweyiya; Educ: Univ Leipzig: LLD 1978; Lovedale HS, Alice; Rec: sport, soccer, rugby, cricket;
Contact: Pvt Bag X885, Pta, 0001

Sport & Recreation
Makenkesi Stofile
Current: Chair: ANC, E Cape Prov 1997-; Mem: ANC NEC 1990-; Min: Sport & Recreation Dept 2004-; MP: ANC: Natl Assembly 2004-; Ordained Min: Presbyterian Church;
Previous: Chair: ANC, Border Region 1990-1991; Dir: Dev & PR, UFH 1992-1994; Mem: UDF NEC 1983-1986; Premier: Eastern Cape Prov 1997-2004; : ANC 1994-1997; Chief Whip: ANC 1994-1997; MP: for ANC, Govt of National Unity 1994-1997; Snr Lect: Theol, Unic Transkei 1991; Lect: Theol, UFH 1973-1987; Gen Sec: UDF Border Region; Vice-Pres: SARU 1990-1992; Mem: ANC Internal Leadership Core 1990-1991; Patron: SACOS 1987; Mem: NECC's People's Educ Comm 1985-1986; Pres: Victoria East Rugby Union; Snr Vice-Pres: NSC; Exec Mem: SARFU;
Convicted under Ciskeian Internal Security Act, sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, May 1987; was the most prominent UDF office bearer to have been convicted in an ANC-related trial; visited New Zealand 1985 on behalf of Anti-Tours Coalition led by the UDF; Rugby player, selected for Border side at inter-provincial tournaments (twice) as hooker. Played scrum half at high school. Vice-Captain Univ team, played wing & loose forward at Club level;
Personal: b 27 Dec 1944, Adelaide to Simon Stofile & Miriam (neé Ngcongcobela); m to Nambitha; Educ: Newell HS;
Contact: Pvt Bag X0047, Bisho 5605

Trade & Industry
Mandisi Mpahlwa
BSc (Elec Engrg); PG Dipl Econ Principles; Dipl Elec Engrg; Dipl Elec Tech;
Current: Min: Dept of Trade & Industry 2004-; Ex-Officio Mem: Parliament 1999-; MP: ANC: National Assembly Apr 1994-;
Previous: Dep Min: Dept of Finance 1999-2004; Regional Elections Co-ordinator: ANC, Transkei 1993-1994; Trainee Elec Engr: Umtata Municipality; Went into exile in 1985 and did voluntary work for the ANC. Returned to SA in 1990 and continued voluntary work;
Personal: b 21 Aug 1960, ; Educ: BSc (Elec Engrg); Univ Lon UOL: PG Dipl Econ Principles 1996; Tech Mangosuthu, Umlazi Dbn: Dipl Elec Engrg 1983; Tech Umtata : Dipl Elec Tech 1977; Bethel Seventh Day Adventist Coll, Butterworth, Transkei 1976; Rec: soccer, gym, reading, music, movies;

Jeff Radebe
Current: Min: Dept of Transport 2004-; Mem: Business Trust 1998-; Mem: ANC Prov Exec Comm, KZN; Mem: ANC NEC; Mem: SACP Central Comm; MP: ANC: National Assembly 1994-;
Previous: Chair: Nelson Mandela Millennium Fund 1998; Chair: ANC Southern Natal Region 1991; Chair: Regional ANC Peace Forum; Min: Dept of Public Enterprises 1999-2004; Sec: SACP Interim Leadership Group 1991; Project Co-ordinator: Natl Assoc of Democratic Lawyers; Various positions: ANC Intl Dept, Lusaka, Zambia; Radio Journalist: Radio Freedom, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Mem: KZN Regional Dispute Resolution Comm;
Joined ANC underground during the student uprising 1976; Left for Mozambique on instructions of the ANC 1977; Created underground ANC & SACP structures inside SA from Lesotho; Underwent military training with Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK); Arrived in Jhb from Lesotho on secret mission 1986, but arrested & convicted under the Terrorism Act; 10 year sentence reduced to 6 on appeal; Active in ANC Pol Dept on Robben Island, later Head; Awards: Hon DHumane Letters, Univ Chicago, USA 1996;
Personal: b 18 Feb 1953, Cato Manor; m to Bridgette; Educ: Unizul: LLB ; Karl Marx Univ, Leipzig: LLM 1981;
Contact: Prv Bag X15, Hatfield, 0028

Water & Forestry
Buyelwa Patience Sonjica
BA (Eng & isiXhosa); BA Hons (isiXhosa); Cert Teaching
Current: Min: Dept of Water Affairs & Forestry Apr 2004-;
Previous: Chair: Water Affairs & Forestry Comm 1999; Mem: Portfolio Comm of Arts & Culture 1994-1997; Mem: ANC RWC, PE 1992-1994; Mem: ANC Women's League Regional Exec Comm, PE 1992-1994; Mem: ANC Regional Exec Comm, PE 1992-1994; Mem: Water Affairs & Forestry Comm; Mem: Finance, Trade & Industry Comm; Dep Min: Dept of Arts, Culture, Science & Technology 2003-2004; Whip: ANC 1994-1999; Teacher: Dower Teacher Primary Coll 1992-1994; Teacher: Emfundweni Higher Primary 1980-1992; Teacher: Rhakamisa HS 1979-1980; Student Nurse: Livingstone Hospital 1971-1972; Various positions: Indestex Textile Co 1970-1971; Head: Dep of Arts of the ANC, E Cape; Chair: Select Comm on Child Care Facilities 1995;
Involved in student politics in EL 1976-77; Active in Mass Democratic Movement, UDF & NEUSA, became an active mem of SADTU from its inception; Involved in both transformation of the arts & the dev of ANC policies under Wally Serote;
Personal: b 23 Mar 1950; Educ: Vista: BA (Eng & isiXhosa); RU: BA Hons (isiXhosa); Coll Rubusoma Training: Cert Teaching 1997; Vista University Vista: Cert Teaching 1983;