Doping spoils West Asian games

2005-12-21 13:50

Dubai - Four players who took part in the Third West Asian Games early December in Doha have tested positive for taking steroids, an official at the Olympic Council of Asia said on Wednesday.

Some 214 cases were tested in a laboratory in London, of which four have tested positive, the official told AFP requesting anonymity, and without specifying the type of the banned substance.

"The four include Qatari basketball player Khaled Abeidi, (whose team won the gold medal), as well as Iranian winner of bronze medal in the 200 metres-butterfly swimming Ashkan Sharavzadah," the official said.

"Also Iraqi athlete Mohammed al-Maleky, who won bronze medal in 3000 metre steeple and Syrian athlete Mounira al-Saleh, who won a gold medal in women's 200-metre race," he added.

He said the council was questioning the four players and will decide on how to penalise them in its March 4 meeting in Kuwait.

"Surely, every player who tested positive will be striped of his (her) medal," he said, explaining that this would affect participants in single-player games.

"In team games, only the steroid-taking player would be penalised, but the team will keep the medal," he added.