J&B Met results

2007-01-27 18:13

Cape Town - Results at the J&B Met in Kenilworth on Saturday.

8 Pocket Power Mr N M Shirtliff, Mr and Mrs A D Webber's b g (Jet Master - Stormsvlei) 4 53,0 (J Lloyd)...1

10 Lion tamer 4 53,0 (A Marcus)...2

6 African Appeal 5 54,0 (G Cheyne)...3

14 Succesful Bidder 5 53,0 (B Smith)...4

Then came: Hilgrove, Pinero, Empreror Napoleon, Silver Mist, Elusive Fort, Eyeofthetiger, Likeithot, Silverpoint, Jagged Ice, Majestic Sun

Winner trained by: M Bass

Winner bred by: Zandvliet Stud

Betting: 16-10 Pocket Power, 11-2 Elusive Fort, 6-1 Likeithot, 8-1 Eyeofthetiger, Silver Mist, Lion Tamer, 10-1 Jagged Ice, 12-1 Hilgrove, Emperor Napolean, 40-1 Silverpoint, 50-1 Pinero, 66-1 Majestic Sun

Tote win: R3,10 Place R1,50 R3,50 R9,70

Swinger 8x10 R6,40 6x8 R22,30 6x10 R67,10

Exacta 8x10 R26,90

Trifecta 8x10x6 R1062,00

Quartet 8x10x6x14 R10998,00

Won by: 1, Nk, 1/2

Time: 2,02,37sec

Scratched: 1 Equal Image, 16 Badger's Gift

Tote favourite: 8 Pocket Power, First

1 Jay Peg Messrs N M Shirtliff, E A Braun, P S Loomes and S P Marcus b c (Camden Park (USA) - Laptop Lady) 3 57,0 (J Lloyd) ...1

4 Pick Six 3 57,5 (A Marcus)...2

2 State Crown 3 57,0 (F Anthony)...3

5 Rippling Ring 3 57,0 (P Strydom)...4

Then came: Wonder Lawn, Senor Jet, Farolita, Tarwood, Weathertalk, Elixir, Classic Forest, Captain Riker

Winner trained by: B Marcus

Winner bred by: High Season Stud

Betting: 15-10 Jay Peg, 16-10 Pick Six, 5-1 Wonder Lawn, 11-2 State Crown, 7-1 Rippling Ring, 33-1 Senor Jet, Farolito, 50-1 Tarwood, 66-1 Elixir, 100-1 Weathertalk, Classic Forest, Captain Riker

Tote win: R3,00 Place R1,40 R1,50 R2,20

Swinger 1x4 R1,70 1x2 R3,50 2x4 R3,50

Exacta 1x4 R6,70

Trifecta 1x4x2 R44,40

Quartet 1x4x2x5 R209,70

Won by: Shd, 1 3/4, 1

Time: 2,03,25sec

Scratched: 7 Whispering Wood

Tote favourite: 1 Jay Peg,First