SA's gymnastic greats

2003-09-24 17:57

Johannesburg - Troy Sender of Central Gauteng and Zandre Labuschagne of Northwest are the 2003 SA gymnastics champions.

Sender won the event, which forms part of the annual SA Gymnastics Games in Centurion and Pretoria, from Gerhard Swiegers of WP and veteran Cristian Brezeanu of Gauteng North.

Central Gauteng's Kerry Joyce's three-year domination came to an end when she was beaten by 2004 Olympic hopeful Zandre Labuschagne of Klerksdorp. Ursula Botha of Gauteng North won bronze.

In the Junior women's section, Candice Cronje of Central Gauteng came first follwed by Celeste Visagie of WP and Patricia Milho of NW.

Former Springbok gymnast, Suzanne (Serfontein) Burger's teenage daughter, Nadine, won the overall gold in the Olympic entry level, followed by JGC club memebers Francki van Rooyen and Michelle Hattingh and Chanelle Moonsamy in second and third places respectively.

They are all coached by former SA champion Ilse Roets at the Johannesburg Gymnastics Centre in Newlands


Men: 1. Troy Sender, CG, 2. Gerhard Swiegers WP, 3. Christi Brezeanu (GN.

Women: 1. Zandre Labuschagne, NW, 2. Kerry Joyce CG, 3. Urshula Botha GN.

Junior Women: 1. Candice Cronje CG, 2. Celeste Visagie WP, Patricia Milho NW.

Olympic entry level: 1. Nadine Burger 33,10, 2. Francki van Rooyen and Michelle Hattingh 32,65, 4. Chanelle Moonsamy 32,25 (all from CG), 5. Casey Howcraft (GN) 32.