SuperSport launches new channel

2001-07-28 16:35

In the first of a number of changes that will make life easier and even more exciting for television viewers all over Africa, the SuperSport International channel will be known as SuperSport 3 from August 1.

Almost all the soccer, athletics and boxing televised by the Channel of Champions will in future be seen on SuperSport 3. The changes mean viewers will know instantly on which channel to find soccer from around the world, top athletics meetings and local and world title boxing.

Further announcements about other sports groupings, major new broadcasting deals and channel positions are to be made soon.

The renamed channel literally kicks off on Wednesday (August 1) with the Ryan Giggs Testimonial between Manchester United and Glasgow Celtic. The changes will be officially announced on SuperSport 3 from 19:30, followed by the soccer from 20:30.

The relaunch will establish the channel as a showcase for African sport. The continent's claims to host the Olympic Games and the soccer World Cup could be regularly emphasised on SuperSport 3. Confederation of African Football matches and the bi-annual African Cup of Nations battle will, for years to come, be televised on this channel.

Soccer enthusiasts can look forward to live and delayed coverage of matches from the UK, Italy, Germany and other European countries, plus a variety of stimulating magazine programmes.

With Africa's athletes dominant in many international events, SuperSport 3 will show live action from the world championships, the IAAF Golden League and Grand Prix meetings as well as many international marathons.

SuperSport will continue to televise most world title bouts live and will strive to develop boxing in Africa by covering many local tournaments.

Also on SuperSport 3, tribute will be paid to Africa's sporting heroes, past and present.

When two or more major events take place at the same time, SuperSport will use its spare channels - called Xtra 1 and Xtra 2 at the moment - to provide live coverage of all the action.

M-Net and CSN will continue to carry live coverage of Premier League matches.

Magazine programmes have been scheduled for specific nights and viewers can expect the SuperSport 3 line-up to look like this:

Monday: 18:00 Athletics - Liberty's Human Race; 19:10 Soccer - Italian Serie A, 20:10 FA Premier League highlights; 20:50 Live Premier League match, 23:00 Repeat of Serie A 23:00.

Tuesday: 18:30 Soccer Show, 19:45 Soccer - Field Chat, 20:00 Live soccer, 22:00 Thunderbox (boxing).

Wednesday: 19:10 Boxing รป Punchline, 20:30 Boxing - Meet the Champs, 21:30 Wrestling - WWF Superstars, 22:30 European Soccer, 23:30 Western Union World Football.

Thursday: 17:00 Wrestling - WWF Superstars, 18:00 Soccer - Gary Lineker's Golden Boots, 19:00 Boxing Archive. 20:00 Soccer -Italian Serie A, 21:00 European Soccer, 22:00 Futball Mundial.

Friday: 18:30 Premier League Weekend Preview, 21:05 Soccer - On the Ball,

Saturday: 11:00 to 19:30 - Soccer, including live coverage.

Sunday: 14:30 Build-up to Italian Serie A, 15:30 Serie A match, live. 17:30 English Premier League match, live, 20:00 Soccer Legends.