Sex video: Saru suspends Hewitt

2008-09-08 22:35

Liam Del Carme

Johannesburg - Chris Hewitt, SA Rugby's communications officer who is at the centre of the furore about the alleged sex video involving Springbok coach Peter de Villiers, was suspended by his employers on Monday.

Hewitt, who is said to have informed De Villiers about the existence of an alleged sex video, can, however, still draw his salary until an internal disciplinary hearing against him has run its course.

Hewitt apparently met on Monday with SA Rugby's managing director, Jonathan Stones, the manager of national teams, Andy Marinos, and the head of strategic communications, Andy Colquhoun.

The disciplinary hearing against Hewitt arises from (among other things) a meeting he allegedly had with De Villiers on August 15 in which he informed De Villiers about the existence of a video apparently showing the coach having sex with a woman in a car in a parking lot in the Eastern Cape.

There have been rumours that the video was being used to blackmail De Villiers into favouring a certain player in the Springbok squad, but the coach has denied this.

De Villiers confirmed in an interview over the weekend that his conversation with Hewitt did take place, but denied that he had been guilty of any immoral act.

R2m settlement

It seems the disciplinary hearing against Hewitt will not take place till after next week's board meeting of SA Rugby.

"We have to make sure that we follow the correct procedure, and that is why we have to ensure in the meeting that we get the right people to work on the case," said an official of SA Rugby who wished not to be named.

"This matter will undoubtedly go to court and we have to ensure that we are ready for that."

Regarding the rumours that Hewitt apparently insisted on a settlement of R2m for resigning, the official said, "That's nonsense. He must be smoking his socks. His employment is subject to the Labour Law and that does not mean he cannot be fired."

Another SA Rugby official said on Monday that work is already being done on the case against Hewitt.