Watson: Revelations laughable

2007-11-11 22:03

Cape Town - Neither Luke Watson nor his father, Cheeky, knows Brian Biebuyck, the lawyer who - according to Jake White's autobiography - wanted to facilitate an agreement between the Springbok coach and the Watson family.

"Brian Biebuyck never negotiated on my behalf or on Luke's behalf," Cheeky Watson said on Sunday.

Sunday newspapers reported that Biebuyck had tried, on behalf of the Watsons, to reach an agreement with White that would have ensured the coach of a future in SA rugby if he, among other things, included Watson in his World Cup squad.

White reportedly accepted the deal through his agent, Craig Livingstone, but the Watsons "backed off".

Cheeky Watson described this story, as well as other "revelations," as laughable.

"A few months ago Luke was someone who had to go fetch beer; now he is a spy. I find all these stories laughable and absurd," Watson snr said.

"If you think that I have so many contacts out there, even right to the president of the country, it becomes even more absurd because I did not agree with Luke going to the Springboks' training camp or playing against Samoa.

"The reason for that was the history of Jake's attitude towards Luke. The only protest I could show was by not attending the presentation of (Springbok) colours to Luke. That is, to any player or parent, a highlight.

'Wonder what the next episode will bring'

"Luke himself did not want to attend the training camp or play against Samoa.

"Luke and I are being accused of so many things that I wonder what the next episode will bring."

In a highly controversial move earlier this year, Luke Watson was included, against White's will, in the national training squad. He injured his ribs in his Test debut, against Samoa.

"I find it deplorable that some sections of the media write these things as if they were facts, without investigating them," Watson snr said.

"Neither I nor Luke know Brian Biebuyck. The only contact I have ever had with him was when Luke terminated his business involvement with Craig Livingstone."

Watson said his son had felt Livingstone would be unable to act in his best interests because he was also White's agent.

"Brian Biebuyck wrote me a letter in which he set out the terms for the termination of the agreement between Luke and Livingstone."

Biebuyck does act as legal representative for Cheecky's elder brother Ronnie, who is not entitled to negotiate on behalf of Luke or Cheeky.

Cheeky said stories of "telephone conversations being monitored" sounded to him as if they came "from the mouth of a man with delusions".

"I wish him (White), his wife and the two fetchers everything of the best," he said.

"As a Christian, it is my wish that nothing untoward will happen to him and that he will be blessed in everything he does."

Biebuyck and Livingstone did not respond to telephone messages on Sunday.